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Q&A from What’s New with Crystal Reports in BI 4.1

I recently presented on the topic of what’s coming in the BI 4.1 release for Crystal Reports. During that session, there were quite a few questions that I was unable to get to during the call. As such, I’ve listed those questions below along with answers. If you are interested in reviewing the presentation, you can download a copy from Scribd. The recording from the session should be up soon on the ASUG website.

From this point forward, I will be referring to Crystal Reports for Enterprise as CR4e and Crystal Reports 2011 as CR2011.

On to the questions…

Will stored procedures and command objects work in BI 4.0? If not, when will they be available?

CR4e will supported stored procedures with the release of BI 4.1. Command Objects are tentatively planned for support in BI 4.2.


What is the future for Business View Manager in CR4e?

CR4e does not support Business Views as a semantic layer and, as such, will not support Business View Manager. The plan is to determine the specific features that are used frequently in Business Views and then work with the Common Semantic Layer team to have those implemented within Universes. In the meantime, you can continue using Business Views with CR2011.


What file extension will CR for Enterprise adopt?

The file extension used by CR4e is the same as all other versions of CR – RPT.


How does Crystal Reports for Enterprise handle repository objects?

CR4e does not currently support repository objects. This is a current gap in the product and we do have it in our plans to address it in a later release.


What about dynamic cascading prompts created through Business Views?

CR4e does not support Business Views; however, Dynamic Cascading Prompts can be created via the Common Semantic Layer.


What is the future of Business Views?

Business Views will continue to be supported by the CR2011 designer. There are no plans to support Business Views with CR4e.


For whatever replaces Business View Manager in future releases, will there be a structured migration tool for customers who have thousands of RPTs that use Business Views for dynamic parameters?

There is a not a specific delivery vehicle or date planned for a migration tool; however, it is something that is being discussed internally. I will share more details as they are available.


Will the new API features also be added to the .NET SDK or is this a Java only enhancement for application developers?

The new features implemented in the REST and JavaScript APIs are specific to those new APIs that are being delivered in BI 4.1. Those features will not be made available in the existing .NET or Java SDKs.


Will Crystal Reports for Enterprise be included in the BI Edge package?

Yes, CR4e is included in the SAP BusinessObjects Edge and SAP Crystal Server packages.


Is the new web repository of report templates available to CR 2011 as well?

No, this is only available in CR4e. 


Will there be a method for converting CR 2008 / 2011 reports to CR for Enterprise?

There are no plans for creating a batch migration tool; however, it is currently possible to convert a CR2008/CR2011 report into a CR4e report by opening that report in CR4e.


Are you familiar with APOS’s View Time Security? Will this continue to be supported?

I am minimally familiar with APOS’s implementation of View Time Security; however, it would be best to speak with APOS about whether they will support this with CR4e.


WIll CR for Enterprise have direct access to BW data or this only for CR 2011?

CR4e has direct access to data coming from SAP BW and BEx Queries in the BI 4.0 release. This is made available via the proprietary BICS connector offered by SAP.


Thanks for reading and let me know if you have any further questions. If you have ideas for enhancements that you would like to see in the product, please submit them to Idea Place. If you want to review the currently identified differences between CR 2011 and CR4e, please see this wiki page.

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      Author's profile photo Tammy Powlas
      Tammy Powlas
      What a great idea to post the Q&A from a webcast on SCN.  Thank you for a great webcast and posting the questions here.
      Author's profile photo Marilyn Pratt
      Marilyn Pratt
      It is a great idea and years ago we did something similar with a follow up in a forum for RFID.  We cut and paste the questions from the chat and then the presenter and others posted responses.  If a presenter is so inclined continuing the conversation with the webcast audience can be really valuable.  And exposing the questions publicly for further discussion with the entire community spreads learning even further.
      Thanks Coy.
      Author's profile photo Lars Schubert
      Lars Schubert
      Thank for these information and the very nice presentation!