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SAP BW System Improvement Tips

As SAP BW consultant, many times we are asked to propose and execute system improvement initiatives.

The business background behind this initiative can be as follows –

  1. Overall system performance improvement & enhancing system scalability
  2. Data volume reduction
  3. Easy administration & monitoring

Here, I am trying to put together some of the common activities which can be proposed as part of this system improvement initiative. These are based on the suggestions given for one of my current client after analyzing their system.

Note that below list may not be comprehensive and due diligence of the system is required to check the feasibility of these activities before it is being proposed and undertaken.

Performance improvement activities & enhancing scalability

  • DSO activation time reduction by de-selecting BEx reporting indicator 
  • Introducing process chain parallelization
  • Optimization of Infocube design by re-organizing dimensions
  • ABAP code optimizations in transformation routines & user exits
  • Optimum usage of BWA as per free space availability
  • Optimum load balancing across multiple application servers as available

Data volume reduction

  • Regular PSA and change log data deletion
  • Regular deletion of data from various BW application tables
  • Regular data compression in Infocubes
  • Decommissioning data flows which are not in use
  • Regular historization and archiving of old data
  • Regular deletion of unused queries, workbooks

Efficient system administration and monitoring

  • Optimum usage of BI admin cockpit and technical content
  • Automatic reconciliation of BW data with R/3 source data
  • Regular review and actions based on SAP early watch alert (EWA) report

 We achieved following benefits from these activities

  1. Improvement in overall effectiveness of the system like performance improvement (lesser runtime for query execution, data loading time reduction etc.) and disk space saving. We saved about 1.3 Tb of disk space and daily data load time reduction of about 1.5 hrs.
  2. Effort & cost saving due to automation of manual activities like data verification. We managed to save about 1 hr of effort on a daily basis in monitoring and verification.
  3. Simplification of BW specific administrative tasks and providing rich information about all kinds of performance and operational tasks like query runtime performance, query usage statistics etc.
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