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The first issue of the Business Transformation Journal “360 degrees”

Business Transformation is a key driver why companies should think about Enterprise Architecture – however this is never really well positioned in an EA Context.

In order to change this, i decided to post the release of the first Business Transformation Academy (BTA) Journal. BTA is an organization consisting of Customers, Business Schools and Consultants. The goal is to develop a holistic Methodology for managing Business Transformations.

 Here the overview of the content:

This new  quarterly publication is a great example of our global Business Transformation Academy (BTA) network with 110 active members, including leading academics, practitioners from diverse industries as well as experienced SAP consultants.
The journal provides a platform for sharing information and key learnings from business practice and research with clients, academics, and consultants.

To reflect different levels of learning about transformation, the journal contains the following four sections:
• The First section describes selected “Drivers” as a result of monitoring developments and trends. The articles in this issue examine IT-enhanced forms of sharing know-how in printed publications and of managing the world‘s growing energy challenges.
• The Second section, “Methodology and Research“, presents the findings of a recent statistical survey on business transformation as well as background information about the BTA, its philosophy and its methods.
• The Third section includes a variety of “Case Studies”, based on real transformation projects from all over the world. This issue showcases a very successful transformation in the manufacturing industry and an ongoing project in the financial services industry.
• The Fourth section allows a look behind the scenes of the BTA, portraying individual network members and listing BTA events and trainings.

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  • i was missing this publication and now i'm glad it's out there. two questions:

    1. any plans for an audio format?
    2. what is your represenation at TechEd 2011 Bangalore?

    good luck in increasing your readership!


    • hi Greg,
      glad you like it.
      so far i am not aware of an audio format, but i passed your questions on to your
      So far no plans for TechEd 🙁 But we have plannned in Q4 a Business Transformation Acadamy Summit in Barcelona. Also they are working to release the Business Transformation Handbook later this year.
  • I didn't get a chance to read it cover to cover yet, but some great insights.

    It will be a nice added reading to include to my list.  Hopefully, you will publish a blog when it's available?  Or start a list to let us know.  Otherwise, honestly, I'll will probably forget to check for a new issue.

    Thank you for the great read!


    • Beat you to it, well not exactly, but read most articles. Btw, you can subscribe to notifications on the website. Overall, positive as it may be viewed as a specialty publication for IT Finance user. I can't get over 3-4 month long monthend close, but I think they really meant days. It has a chance to stand apart from HBR, McKinsey Q, IBM Systems Journal, or Journal of Accountancy. I wonder how easy it will be to tell apart content created by academicians vs practitioners. These two groups can pull in opposite directions, but I still recommend it as it fills a void.

      my 2 cents...

    • Hi Michelle,

      i am glad you like it ! This is really an exiting development we have done jointly with Customers and  higher Education.

      Blog is already planned - the goal is actually to release the BTM2 (Business Transformation Management Methodology) to customers once it is finished.