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Transport options for SAP Employee Performance Management

After several years of non-blogging I decided to pick it up again. Well, if you have seen my previous entries (links added at the end for your convenience) you might have noticed I tend to start when I arrive/just arrived in a new country. To keep up with tradition I am saying hello from Sydney, Australia.

But this time I tend to stick with it, at least one topic on SAP HCM Performance Management (and the occasional side track to Talent) a month. Maybe a few quickies when I feel like it.

So, let us do a quick one on Performance Management and how to transport it across. It seems to be one of the favourite questions that appear in the forums.

Now all information is valid for any release of PM with the exception of the very first release (470, extention set 1.10) or where marked differently.

When setting up configuration normally the transport connection is turned off for the PM Catalog, it’s too much a hassle. That means at the end we need to bring the configuration over (templates, categories etc).

So, the easiest is just to go the catalog and into the context menu of the template you want to transport. There you will find the option “transport”. By selecting this you will write the template and all the depending elements on a transport request.

catalog screen shot

Alternatively you can put the template on a transport via report RHMOVE30, see screenshot for how to fill out some of the details.

Transport Screenshot 2

Now, do not forget to transport also the category group and/or the category in case you made changes in there. How to transport those? Exactly the same way, go the context menu of the category (group) and select transport.

Alternatively you can go to transaction oohap_cat_group or oohap_category to go in the expert maintenance of the category (group) select the item for transport and go into the menu.

Transport screenshot 3

On a side note, its called expert mode for a reason. It is a great way to create database inconsistencies.

Ok, we have our templates, category and all other customizing on a transport. But with Enhancement package 4 SAP delivered new great stuff which also need to go on a transport.

For the process configuration I normally use report RHMOVE30 for the VH (Process Item) objects. But with EhP5 there is a new transaction PHAP_TRANSPORT which lets you transports templates and process definitions. This also includes the Tab configuration for the webdynpro UI.

Speaking of Tab config, in EhP 4 this can be transported via report RHHAP_TRANSPORT_TAB_CONFIG, if it is not in your system yet see note This report is obsolete in EhP5.

So, here we go, the first of hopefully many entries on Performance Management. If you have wish list, questions for this bloggie just leave a comment.

And finally the links to the other PM blog entries I wrote. As I switched from SAP employee to external the SDN user got lost. So, just to have a link to them…. [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken]

Of those the value determination is the most relevant. The BSP one is a bit of a relic in the days of Webdynpro and flashislands.

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