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Transport History of BW Objects

Transport History of BW objects

Transporting BW objects across the landscape is never an easy job. Unlike in ABAP, BW objects will not hold versions of the object and has to be dealt with extra care without which you will end up with inactive objects in the target system.

You can check the list of inactive objects from the RSD* tables respectively.

But, as aware by many, moving a request from one system to other requires following quite a procedure, especially to production system, with lot of approvals depending on the project.

While moving the list of requests for an instance if a request is missed, the dependent request will fail and you are not sure which request holds the required object especially when proper naming conventions are not followed.

Let’s take another instance!!

You have two requests one with  InfoObjects , Transformation & DTP(Data Transfer Process) and the other with DSO(DataStore Object).

When you transport the first request obviously it will fail as no target is present for the transformation to map.

Now you realized you have not collected the objects in proper way and you collect them again in proper order but this time you have missed an InfoObject in the request , which you have not noticed yet, as the request went  successful in the target system.

You are happy all your requests went green…

As a next step you want to move the requests to another system (Production this time) from our target system (Quality), say suppose. You move only the requests with correct order and green status.

But you see the request getting failed with log stating so and so InfoObject is missing. You don’t understand how this error was not thrown earlier. This happens sometimes with requests having failed status and yet might have moved some objects, which was our scenario.

Now, you want to know which transport request holds the required object.

Where to check???

There comes into picture a very useful table V_E071 which is a standard SAP table

Input the required object for which transport history is required in object name field.


  On execution, the history along with the release status of the request will be displayed.


If a request is released, the status will be R, otherwise it will be D-Modifiable. 


We can also see other details of the request like who is the owner of the request, request last changed date and time with this table.

Also refer the blog by Arka Roy Chowdhury to know object version status, [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken]

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