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Realizing the potential of Remote Support Component

A History Of Monitoring

Historically SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise has not really had a strong grasp on being able to monitor itself. The solution was to use third party tools specifically designed for monitoring. In many cases customers did, but the potential to run better and do more has always been there. In a number of cases customers would develop their own solutions, some of these solutions are similar to the forthcoming probes with the SAP BI4 release. While these do add the ability to monitor different process flows within the environment they still do not give an overall picture of health or perform any sort of root cause analysis. SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise has had the ability to perform some root cause analysis via tracing, albeit inconvenient. The one fault of this capability was that it was really only available to support engineers as you needed to have a good understanding of the product to be able to determine what was occurring. The tracing used to perform this analysis would always require the service in the environment be restarted after the tracing was turned on. It always seemed to have a performance impact and wasn’t very conducive for a production environment. It wasn’t until SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 that there was additional capability so that the service would not need to be restarted in order to add tracing.

 What makes Remote Support Component a Superior Solution

 Since the acquisition of BusinessObjects by SAP there has been a concerted effort to add monitoring capabilities to SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise. This process has required new development be undertaken to instrument each of the components. What this means is that no other monitoring software can be as tightly integrated with SAP BusinessObjects as remote support component or Solution Manager. Starting in SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1 Service Pack 3 we have the following services fully instrumented:

 Application Servers
Application Server All Java Applications
Voyager Multidemensional Analysis Server
Web Intelligence Web Intelligence Processing Server
Semantec Layer Connection Server
Explorer Exploration Indexing Master Search Services













Because the code within the java application server has been instrumented we have access to all applications running under its umbrella. Using CA Wily Introscope that comes with remote support component you have a simple and customizable interface to track and monitor all of this information. Add in the EarlyWatch reports to this root cause analysis capability and you have a powerful solution available at your fingertips. Using the EarlyWatch Alert reports the engineers within Primary Support will be able to view them and have a good solid understanding of your environment before they even have a chance to speak with you. In some cases, based upon the issue that has been raised, an engineer can view the settings within the report and offer a solution immediately.

 How EarlyWatch Alerts & Remote Support Component Predict Expansion

Not only can remote support component monitor the health of your environment but it can help you identify bottlenecks. By utilizing the information provided in the EarlyWatch reports you can determine if your settings are optimal for your configuration. If they are not, recommendations are provided. However, not all cases are solved by changing a few settings. You can utilize trend data provided by CA Wily Introscope during your peak hours to determine where additional resources should be added. As an example, you will be able to identify if your Web Intelligence Processing servers are at capacity or if just a couple setting changes could increase performance.

 Why Remote Support Component Makes Sense


  • Remote support component is offered at no additional charge with a Standard or Enterprise maintenance contract.
  • With the release of Service Pack 3 for remote support component the installation and configuration time is as fast as 30 minutes per host.
  • When Service Pack 4 releases it will have support for SAP BI4.
  • Remote support component is auto updating, you will always have the latest release.
  • One remote support component implementation can monitor all of your deployments.

 This add-on for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise will save organizations’ time and money once it has been installed and configured. I know we are always busy and it is difficult to find the time to get something installed that isn’t an immediate need to the business. But you cannot afford to wait, install this software now and save yourself the effort in the future when you can’t afford the time.

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