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Portal and Collaboration @ TechEd 2011 in Las Vegas, Madrid, Bangalore and Beijing!

Why Attend SAP TechEd?

SAP TechEd is the fastest way to get up to date and build practical skills on a wide range of SAP solutions and developments. Learn in an interactive environment directly from the experts who develop cutting edge technologies at SAP. We have hundreds of sessions designed for everyone from beginners to experts.
The comprehensive educational program includes: hands-on workshops, customer-driven lectures, SAP executive keynote, meet-the-speaker pods (meet speakers and dive deeper into topics and demos covered during educational sessions), expert networking sessions (engage with SAP speakers and SAP Mentors in a small group setting).

Why Attend the Portal and Collaboration Sessions?

What are the top 10 reasons to attend our Portal and Collaboration sessions @ TechEd 2011:

  1. You will be informed about the roadmap for SAP NetWeaver Portal and future directions (for example mobile enablement via Portal).
  2. Experience the new release of SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3 from an end user and administrator point of view.
  3. Learn how and why to upgrade your Portal to SAP NetWeaver 7.3.
  4. Learn about the highlights of the new release of Enterprise Workspaces 1.1.
  5. Get to know the state of the art new document management and Web content management program with capabilities for SAP NetWeaver Portal.
  6. Learn about the SAP vision of an on-demand, secured, service-oriented, in-memory computing-based portal solution on the SAP cloud.
  7. Learn about interoperability between SAP NetWeaver Portal and Microsoft SharePoint.
  8. Learn why Petrobras has chosen the portal as a launch pad for mobile access to SAP.
  9. Get to know SAP People capability which lets you quickly explore and find the people and connections to do your job.
  10. Learn how to leverage SAP’s decision making solution SAP StreamWork in your daily work and how business solutions can be extended with collaborative, analytical, and social intelligence capabilities.

You find the Portal and Collaboration sessions as subtrack in the main track Business Process Management, Integration, and Collaboration. 

Check out the Portal and Collaboration sessions for:

Meet our Experts in Person!

Meet our experts in our expert networking sessions and also at the meet-the-speaker pods.

Attend our expert networking sessions on:

  • Developing mobile applications using NetWeaver Portal Services
  • What’s new with SAP NetWeaver Enterprise Portal 7.3?
  • Self-services with Enterprise Workspaces
  • Engage customers and partners using SAP Portal on the Cloud
  • SAP Portal On Demand: Future Directions
  • Build your own network with SAP StreamWork
  • Leverage the power of social networks in your organization
  • The future of dashboards

We are also happy to welcome you at one of the meet-the-speaker pods where you can talk in detail with our experts about the topics you are interested in.

More Session Details?

Are you interested in more details on the Portal roadmap and the future of the Portal? Do you want to know more about our current release SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3 and get real hands-on experience on it? Or you want to get familiar with our new and exiting add-on products? Then have a look at this selection of some of our sessions (for the complete list see the session catalogue links above).
We would also like to highlight that the sessions on SAP Streamwork – the collaborative decision-making solution – and SAP People – the social networking tool within SAP Streamwork – are also assigned to the subtrack “Portal and Collaboration”.

I. Roadmap and Future Directions

SAP NetWeaver Portal Roadmap and Future Directions
Session ID: PMC100; Session Type: Lecture

This session provides an overview of the various improvements in the area of end-user productivity and administration of the latest SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3 release and gives an overview on related platform add-on products such as Enterprise Workspaces, or partners’ complementary solutions in the area of document and Web content management. You will also be informed on the future directions, such as mobile and cloud-based next-generation portals.
Join this session to get an overview on our current releases and products and on our future directions!

II. Sessions on SAP NetWeaver 7.3

Why and How to Upgrade Your Portal to SAP NetWeaver 7.3
Session ID: PMC110; Session Type: Lecture

This session provides valuable insights and recommendations based on recent lessons learned from the ramp-up. Join this session to get prepared for your upgrade project covering topics such as planning phase, landscape design, installation/upgrade and migration of custom content!

How to amaze your portal users by a great user experience
Session ID: PMC220; Session Type: Lecture

If you are interested in learning how to tweak the portal’s UI, than you should attend this session! In various exciting examples and step by step descriptions, we are demonstrating how to adjust the standard look and feel of the portal to your specific corporate design.

Experience Portal 7.3 From an End Users’ and Authors’ Perspective
Session ID: PMC160; Session Type: Hands-on

Experience how easy it is to work with SAP NetWeaver Portal as a non-technical user. With the latest release SAP offers various intuitive tools for accessing content (favorites, search, tabsets), collaboration (wikis, forums) and web content management (Web Page Composer). Attend this session to get real hands-on experience in various exercises and talk to the product experts.

Experience SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3 in Action From an Admin Perspective
Session ID: PMC260; Session Type: Hands-on

Join this session to get an overview of SAP NetWeaver Portal 7.3 from the administrator point of view. This session offers real hands-on experience for administrators in the area of portal administration, application integration, and customization (Ajax Framework).

III. Sessions on our Add-on Products

Document and Web Content Management for SAP NetWeaver Portal by OpenText
Session ID: PMC221; Session Type: Lecture

SAP Portal Content Management (PCM) and Portal Site Management (PSM) are state-of-the-art document management and web content management solutions (respectively) for SAP Portal and Enterprise Workspaces. The solutions  integrate industry-leading document management and web content management capabilities from OpenText, a leading vendor of Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems, with SAP Portal and Enterprise Workspaces. With PCM and PSM the customer can significantly improve overall efficiency and enhance user productivity.
Attend this session to get an overview of the new exciting solutions along with real-life example scenarios and demos to showcase their capabilities in real-time. You will be acquainted with basic knowledge on the way these solutions operate and the benefits achieved by using them. And you will be able to provide valuable feedback that may influence the next development phases.

Enhanced End-User Flexibility: What’s New with Enterprise Workspaces 1.1
Session ID: PMC111; Session Type: Lecture

Attend this session to learn about new features of Enterprise Workspaces 1.1 release. Highlights are easy consumption of content from different data sources, enhancements in the usability and support.

Working with Enterprise Workspaces 1.1
Session ID: PMC161; Session Type: Hands-on

In this session you can get your hands on the 1.1 release of Enterprise Workspaces and experience Enterprise Workspaces in general and also enjoy some new features introduced in the new release.

IV. Sessions on Social Intelligence Capabilities

Leverage the Power of Social Networks in your organization (using SAP StreamWork)

Session ID: PMC114; Session Type: Lecture

SAP People capability lets you quickly explore and find the people and connections to do your job. This session will explain how to use SAP StreamWork People capability to create your own social network and to collaborate efficiently as part of a cross-organization network. See also this movie on SAP Social Intelligence on YouTube (

Collaborative Decision Making in the Enterprise with SAP StreamWork
Session ID: PMC113; Session Type: Lecture

SAP StreamWork is the first and only software as a service (SaaS) collaborative decision-making solution that brings together people, information, and methods to drive fast, meaningful results. In this session you will learn with live examples how to leverage SAP StreamWork in your daily work and how business solutions can be extended with collaborative, analytical, and social intelligence capabilities based on SAP StreamWork.

See you all at SAP TechEd Madrid, Las Vegas, Bangalore and Beijing!

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  • I think one of the main reason someone should attend TechEd is the ability to explore the new Portal 7.3 by attending a hands on session. Lecture sessions are useful when it comes to gain an overview of the capabilities, but what convinces people to use and recommend the product is hands on experience.
    Nothing better to see and experience a new product but by trying it out.