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Caboodle – Part 12 – Analysis for OLAP Config & Test

Continuing from my last blog, Caboodle – Part 11 – Explorer 4 Install, SSO & Test


Compared to my last blog, this is a walk in the park. There is nothing required to download. Just some simple steps in BOBJ, and we’re away. I suppose what makes this easier, is that I can level the existing SAP NSP BW Query created in the previous blog.

To begin, an “OLAP Connection” is required to the Data Source. In my case the Data Source is going to be the SAP NSP BW Query “0D_FC_NW_C01_Q0001”, created from “SAP Demo BI Content” in the previous blog.

The Connection is then utilized to create the Workspace required for the “Analysis for OLAP”.

The “OLAP Connection” is created in the CMC.

The Workspace and Analysis is created and performed in the BI Launch Pad.

OLAP Connection

I logged on to the CMC->OLAP Connections, as my SAP User “BCUSER” with the usual SAP Authentication



I then began creating a new OLAP Connection. I selected the “Connections” folder, as this is where the Connection will be saved, then the Create Connection icon.



I gave the Connection some parameter values. Notice I have chosen “SSO”


“Connect” to choose my Query. Logged on as usual to access the given BW System



Then chose my Query



Back it returns


“Save”, and there it was


for all to be seen, and used


BI Launch Pad

The Workspace, for “Analysis for OLAP” to use, is created in “BI Launch Pad”. This is accessible from Windows Start->All Programs->SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.0->SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform->SAP BusinessObjects BI platform Java BI Launch Pad


The “BI Launch Pad” log on, opened up, but without “SAP Authentication”


To enable SAP Authentication, the file “” with the following two entries had to be created, and saved under

C:Program Files (x86)SAP BusinessObjectsTomcat6webappsBOEWEB-INFconfigcustom



A simple restart of Tomcat, and “BI Launch Pad” now was “SAP Authentication” ready


In the “BI Launch Pad”, I clicked the “Analysis Edition for OLAP” icon



A prompt for the “OLAP Connection” appeared. I selected my “OLAP Connection” “BW Actuals”



and before you know it


There is all was, ready for dicing and slicing

Before I was going to save the Workspace, I created a folder for it, in the CMC.

I logged on to the CMC->Folders, create the folder “Workspace” under “All Folders”




Back in “BI Launch Pad”, I selected the “Save” icon


navigated to the “Folders” bar


I gave the Workspace a name “BW Actuals”

I chose the my previously created folder “Workspace”




I then navigated back the CMC->Folders to take a look


and there was my Workspace “BW Actuals” for future Analysis.


Back in the “BI Launch Pad”, I played around selecting the “Insert” tab, and dragged the Pie Chart over to the space on the right



and saved once again


Upon returning to the “BI Launch Pad”, it was possible to access the “BW Actuals” for OLAP Analysis, via the “Documents” tab, “Folders” bar, then to my folder “Workspace”, and there it was: “BW Actuals”


A double click of “BW Actuals”, opens up to where I were before.


That completes this rather simple blog for “Analysis for OLAP”.


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