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25 Aug 2011 Postal Bulletin

Since I already noted in the lead-in that there are no DMM update items in this week’s Postal Bulletin, I won’t spend a lot of time on it. Looks like mostly typical content otherwise – a “kids are back in school” safety notice, minor PO updates, etc.

You might still be interested in the short article about Every Door Direct Mail mailing (EDDM, p. 13), which references the USPS’s online Simplified Mailing Process (that’s _their_ SMP, not SAP’s SMP 🙂 tool which can help you determine how to set up a direct mail campaign.

Of course two weeks ago, when I was enjoying some time off, the Postal Bulletin included a brief notice about a new option for STD mail nonmachinable letters. This option almost treats them like reduced overflow (ROFL) automated letters, but (of course!) with a few differences. Knowing that ROFL turned out to be a lot more complicated than it looked on the surface, and being surprised by the brevity of the PB article, I did send a few initial questions to a USPS contact. The responses lead me to believe this option might also have a few “gotchas” lying in wait for anyone attempting to use it.

As just one example, I was surprised there was no mention of needing to mark the overflow mail on the Postage Qualification Report (PQR), as needs to be done for ROFL mail. The response was that Yes, the overflow pieces moved to a lower sort level should also be marked on the PQR. Evidently it just wasn’t needed in the rule?

Also in the last month there was an FRN (Federal Register Notice – I know, what’s with all the acronyms today??) about First Class Mail Parcels being removed from the market dominant list and replaced with a competitive product First Class Package Service. The USPS says they will support it in October, but no change needs to be made until May, when it will be required.

There’s a quick recap, check back in 2 weeks for the next Postal Bulletin.

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