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Wizards, Werewolves, Monsters, Creatures of the Dark, and a Happy little gnome – MMMM what is this?

Our business place is already a game.  It’s a game you play everyday and don’t even know you are doing it.  There are spies.  Those people that can’t wait until you walk away to share your secrets.  Zombies that don’t have a thought in their head, except what someone tells them.  And sadly that is happening more and more.  That’s what makes things like Innojam sell outs.  We get to think!



Most of us, We are following the yellow brick road!  There is a pre-defined path, and we follow it.  It’s easy and quick.  No real hard bumps or failures.  That’s good no failures. Right?  That path didn’t even work well for Dorothy.



Rewards?  Yes you have those too.  They are called bonuses, reviews, or maybe just keeping your job.  So you are playing a game where there are rewards, and good ones too!  It’s always good to be able to pay your bills.


Fights?  Yes, you cross swords (or fangs) with many different people even the ones on your team about different issues that are important to you.  OK – maybe you don’t do this maybe you are a pretty flower that bends without breaking.  Or that happy travel gnome that gets to go from place to place.  Never staying long enough to “fight”.  Instead leaving open questions for the company they left to debate for years to come.



So – this new Innojam – Gamification thing.  (In Las Vegas for me. )  We do the above already everyday.  It’s called office politics.  Right?  Well at least I try to do it. (Another story)  That’s what’s going to make this Innojam so much FUN!   We are already subject matter experts.  We just need to think about what kind of game setup we could do to make work more like a video, board, or any game you can think of – think of one you like to play.    Making work like a game that is fun instead of work that is just – well – work.

What will we get out of it? 

Well I’m hoping for something that I could bring back to my work, and build out.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  Having something fun to do at work?  For me it is new technologies, SCN, blogging, etc.  So I would love to get some skill level from that.  Maybe I could build it into my game.

Now start to think.  No I mean it.  Start to really think – what would it mean to me?  What do you think is fun?  Will the person next to you agree?  The next conversation, and it will be a big one, is what about grades and titles that people have.  The games says you have more points, experience, or XYZ.  So how come the gal next to you has a higher grade/better title?  How are we going to handle that?  Well when you think about it we are playing “Pong” right now.  So no worries!  It’s just all fun.  But I do think something like this will raise a good debate – or in my game a bloody battle.  Or a nice game of Pong where the points go back and fourth across the TV.



Now my shameless way for me to ask for some help.  My idea is too large to do in 30 hours.  Any ideas on how to scale it down?  How about making it more of a happy game.  (I guess I like battles)  I would love your feedback via comments.  Also please take a moment to click on thumbs up or thumbs down.

Well that’s it!  

What!!? You don’t know which Idea I did?  Here’s the link.

Another thing – I may jump ship and go to a different idea than my own, if I find something that makes more sense to me.  (Or if everyone hates my idea – I do need a team.  Me – I’m not a superhero.  Another thought about my game – are superheros good or bad in a team….  Thinking again…)  So please add your own idea.  There aren’t very many out there right now.

Some people may be going to just play with the new technology.  That’s cool too! There will be a lot of it there.  I just heard the rushing of water.  There must be a River around.

And so the end – Who wins Innojam???  There is a clear winner, right?  Not really.  There is the team that gets to go on stage.  But are they the clear winner?  It depends on what game you are playing.  For me – the winner is the one who takes something, anything away from Innojam.  A new idea, a new friend, or even just some fun.  (Or even a new dragon!!!)

Stay tuned I’m going to rehash last years “Innojam” with what I hope to do differently this year.  Lessons learned.

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    • It should be fun!  That's my goal this year.  Have fun, learn something, meet people...  Last year my team was agressive and in it to try to win.  (Oops - wrong team for me.  Hence my next blog.)Michelle

  • Hi, Michelle!

    I don't want to sound puristic, but I would like to see the ABAP blog area only filled with ABAP-related content.

    Maybe one could place his/her funny weblogs in other SCN areas that the ones that have a clear target contentwise.


    • Hi Thomas!

      Sure - I'll move it.  Not a problem.  Categories are hard for me.  This "funny" blog is meant to get you thinking about Innojam.  And start thinking about what types of technologies we into the ABAP category because we are developers.   And we want to continually upgrade our skills.

      For me, it goes into many categories...  Including ABAP / Developers, BPX, functional areas, and more...

      So I'm pulling it out.  Sorry I had hoped to engage our ABAP community in something new with a lot of technology offered.  (Hacker night went away.  Innojam is now what we do.)

      Long, long, response...  But it is something I do think about - categories and where to put something



      By the way - you either hate how I design some of my blogs or you like it.  "Funny", I try to keep things on the light side.  This really is meant to be educational as well.  Innojam will be about gamification.  It will be about new technologies.  I'm hoping I can use ABAP as a backend to the project I'm suggesting.

      • Hi, Michelle!

        I hope you didn't get me wrong.

        I' ve followed SDN from 2005 on and watched it grow to it's todays size. And - suprisingly - I find it more and more difficult to get topic-related information I need for my everyday work.

        Let it be the forums, weblogs, articles - all these places are crowded with more or less valuable content.

        Personally I like to read some off-business stuff every now and then, but when I'm focussed on a specific topic I expect SDN to give me the right answers to my questions in a reasonable time.

        And the only way I can handle all this information overload are the - by now already numerous - categories.

        So, a long response to the long response, but I felt that I had to clarify this.