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Electronic signatures for contract documents in SAP CLM

Electronic Signatures for SAP Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) is an integrated web-based On-demand solution that enables enterprises to significantly accelerate the contract management process by allowing business users to electronically sign contract documents.

SAP CLM helps companies realize full savings and revenue through contract visibility & awareness and lowers legal, financial and regulatory risk through the use of standardized contract language and reporting. At the same time it accelerates time to contract from contract creation to execution. As a final step in the contract lifecycle, contract owners require the stakeholders in the contract to sign the contract documents.

SAP has partnered with a third party software vendor, EchoSign ( (Recently acquired by Adobe) to deliver the e-Signature functionality in its CLM solution. The integrated e-Signatures functionality in CLM offers the following features to contract managers.

  • A single click capability to send a contract document to multiple signers
  • Easy user interface to add multiple signers (i.e. signers from both within and outside the company and having a valid email id) to the contract document
  • Ability to send the document both for E-Sign and Fax Sign
  • Ability to monitor the current status of the document after it is sent out for signature
  • Final pdf version of the signed contract document

The solution offers document signers with the following features.

  • A customized email from the contract owner with a link to the contract document
  • A single click capability to access the contract
  • Intuitive user interface to electronically sign the contract
  • No login or user account needed on the EchoSign platform

Once the E-Signature process is initiated, the document is sent out to different signers in a sequential order as defined by contract owner. At any stage in the process a signer can refuse to sign owing to any inaccuracies in the document, in which case the E-Signature process is aborted and must be re-initiated by the contract owner after making the necessary changes. Throughout the process, EchoSign maintains a copy of the contract document. However on completion of the process, the document is purged from the EchoSign system.

Below is a step-by-step walkthrough into the E-Signature capability in SAP CLM

  • Contract Manager enters the names and email id’s of signers who need to sign the contract document

  • Contract manager clicks the ‘Send Document’ button. This actions sends the document to the first signer in the list for signature.
  • ‘Signature Status’ in the screenshot below shows that the document has been sent to Christian Chan.

  • First Signer receives an email that contains a link to the contract document.

  • The signer clicks on the link in the mail to navigate to the e-Signature user interface.

  • Signer enters his name or draws his signature in the signature box provided in the contract document.

  • A signed copy of the contract is generated and sent to the next signer in the sequence for signature
  • When all the signers sign the contract, a final signed copy is uploaded back into SAP CLM


This feature is available as of SAP CLM On-Demand Wave 8. It is currently not available in any of the On-Premise versions, but will be availabe in CLM’s next On-Premise release (Version 9)

I hope this blog is helpful to understand the E-Signature functionality in SAP CLM.

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      Author's profile photo Tridip Chakraborthy
      Tridip Chakraborthy
      Hi Jaideep, as I was referring yesterday to Mahesh on this new and awesome approach of bringing the visibility into the delta functionalities of Wave8 via blogs than mere RKT slides, believe me I had tweeted this on the @SAP_Procurement time-line on twitter and it reached places via my handle @tridipchakra and the outreach on the LI group for sourcing and CLM that I moderate also was awesome
      I am going to cross link this blog as I have a special place for this topic as I had the first ever meeting with Steven, Emily, Jason Lemkin and Eran aloni and built a demo version that we tried for the version 5.1, but now coming straight out of the SAP product release shop, is the best news for customers that are really looking forward to the Digital Signature solution to be embed from inside of SAP Sourcing and SAP CLM
      Are we still using the downloadable API's from their site or have you customized this to package it inside SAP, please throw your opinions and
      I should say, great work from your team on getting this to work and work amazingly
      Cheers Tridip
      Follow me on twitter @tridipchakra
      Author's profile photo Jaideep Tungare
      Jaideep Tungare
      Blog Post Author
      Hi Tridip,
      Yes we are still using the public API's provided by Echosign and calling these webservices in CLM.
      I agree that blogs will help better highlight new functionalities coming up in newer releases.
      Thanks, Jaideep -
      Author's profile photo Tridip Chakraborthy
      Tridip Chakraborthy
      Hi Jaideep,
      thanks for the inputs and I wish to see most customers on-boarded to this. Please also tune into the SAP Sourcing group on linked in as the blogs from the BPX sourcing page are evangelized and cross-linked from there, you have a group invitation pending for acceptance