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Analysing Spools for Performance or Host Spooler problem

If there are issues printing from SAP (for example no printout at the printer or a long delay in the print-out getting to the printer), then the root cause might not be in the SAP system.  Such issues can also be caused at the host spooler (print server).


If there is no print-out yet the spool in SP01 shows complete (no error), double-click the output request status.  A spool with errors at SAP level should indicate an error here, otherwise a spool which has completed successfully at SAP level should display similar to the following:


Click the ‘Events’ button, in the bottom right of the output request status window: 


You will see the output request log, similar to the screenshot:

Here you can see again that the spool has been passed to the host spooler successfully.  This information is also useful to see where delays occur, as provides the time (in seconds) of each step of the output request.  So this information is useful to analyse performance problems for the print.


It can also be useful to check the SPO WP trace file for this spool.  You can get the server name from the output request ‘Request Attr.’ Button, ‘internal information tab’.  In SM51 you can run a trace search if there too many SPO WP to check through individually:  SM51 – select server – Goto – server information – Trace search.  Enter your spool number eg. 10434 and you will see which WP trace file contains this.  In the SPO WP trace file, a spool which again has successfully completed in SAP will have an entry similar to:


If the above checks show no issue at SAP level, then you should check at print server/host spooler level why the print-out has not completed successfully.


On Windows systems (printing with SAPSprint of front-end printing access method G), it may also be useful to check:

  • the log file sapsprint.dbg, by setting the log level to 5 with the command:  ‘sapsprint -oi LogLevel 5’  as per the Note 946209 – ‘Analyzing SAPSprint problems’  (SAPSprint)
  • the sapfprint.dbg and sapwinxxxx file, by setting the registry settings KeepFile = 1 and LogLevel = 5 as described in 1149136 – ‘Options for front-end printing (access method G)’
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