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Take Your SAP Solution to the Doctor’s Office via SAP Enterprise Support Continuous Quality Checks

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The human body is supposedly the most complex organism on earth made up of thousands of individual systems, right?  However, those of you who work in IT know that most businesses now run extremely complex solution landscapes, too.  This is very true in SAP solution landscapes as they have become more comprehensive and integrated and in turn, more sophisticated to run over the years.  When supporting these sophisticated landscapes at times it might feel as though you should have gone to medical school.


Well, what if you had a support value proposition that was as holistic in nature as supporting the complexity of the human body?  SAP Enterprise Support’s services included in its support offering can do exactly that in the context of a customer’s complex solution landscape.


SAP Enterprise Support provides a portfolio of services called, SAP Continuous Quality Checks, as part of its support offering.    The main purpose of the remote checks and improvement services is to identify ongoing technical risks, optimization potential, support a smooth go-live of an implementation or upgrade project, and to improve system performance, availability, stability and data consistency. 


Remember those days when you were younger and you felt your throat starting to get sore?  Then overnight it really started to hurt and before you knew it off to the doctor’s office for a throat culture and strep throat!  What if you could stop the sore throat in its tracks before it got any worse?  You could compare this to SAP Enterprise Support’s go-live checks and particularly the Continuous Quality Check for Support Going-Live(SGL).  This service provides 3 days of proactive monitoring for CPU utilization, memory usage, database performance, etc.  The monitoring on the customer’s newly live system provides immediate reaction to unforeseen incidents and could resolve issues before they truly cause a production down type of incident.


It is also common for people to go to the doctor for a yearly check up with their general practitioner.  This is a good idea just to make sure no unanticipated health problems occur.  Similar to this, SAP Enterprise Support provides a Continuous Quality Check for Early Watch Check (EWC).  The goal of this service is general system performance or if a particular performance problem is unclear.  The findings of the service can be used as starting point for other services.  For example if there is a transaction with a bad performance then a Continuous Quality Check for Business Process Performance Optimization (BPPO) service for this transaction can be recommended.


As mentioned in the example above, the Continuous Quality Check for Business Process Performance Optimization (BPPO), can provide performance optimization of a poorly performing transaction, report, or batch job.  The main purpose of this service is to analyze core business process steps to reduce and optimize response times and increase productivity along with higher acceptance by end-users.  This could be similar to having really bad knee pain and you can function, but not optimally.  A specialized doctor takes a closer look and notices there is torn cartilage in the knee which will require a non invasive form of surgery.  Arthroscopic knee surgery is performed and you are back to shooting jump shots like Lebron James or Dirk Nowitzki before you know it.


Perhaps there will be time where the doctor sits you down and says “you have gained a few pounds over the last year, perhaps it’s time to start watching your diet.  The optimal weight for a person your age and height is 185lbs and you are currently at 210lbs.”  Do you want to get that waist band from a size 40 to a 34?  This would be an ideal situation for a Continuous Quality Check for Data Volume Management.  This service helps to setup and monitor a data volume management strategy that defines how to manage and reduce future data growth and reduce existing database size.  For example, it could help a customer reduce its current SAP database size from 5 Terabytes to 2 Terabytes and lower a customer’s total cost of ownership. 


The portfolio of services provided by SAP Enterprise Support continuously grow and build upon one another to provide customers with proactive services in accordance with SAP Best Practices.  These services provide holistic value proposition in order allow customer’s SAP Solution to run as optimal as possible.  Perhaps you have an implementation or upgrade project in the pipeline or you want to focus on continuous improvement of your ongoing operations.  If you do, it is important you get the most out of your SAP Enterprise Support offering and leverage the Continuous Quality Checks available; it’s like taking your SAP solution to the doctor’s office.  


If you would like more information please visit:  and navigate to the SAP Continuous Quality Checks section on the left hand navigation panel. 

Also, take a look at the YouTube video clip for SAP Enterprise Support Continuous Quality Checks.

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