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New Idea Place for Remote Support Component

We are all very excited with the possibilities of remote support component for SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise. What happens if we want an improvement made to this wonderful tool? Well, thankfully there is Idea Place, which is a great site that allows everybody to propose new ideas to our developers in order to improve our software… and now we created a new section inside Idea Place for remote support component!

As you might know, in Idea Place anybody can post suggestions of improvements, wishes for next versions, and functionality enhancements. Idea Place works with a voting system; ideally somebody already posted the enhancement you’d like to see, and in this case you can show your support by simply voting for that idea. You can also write comments inside ideas if you’d like to start a discussion about that particular idea. If you have an idea that is great and nobody posted it yet, you are very welcome to write it in this space and vote for it! Don’t forget to tell as many people as possible to vote for your ideas too. Also, check out the ideas that others have already posted, maybe you will find interesting remote support component improvements that you’d like to vote for!

Our commitment with Idea Place is that our developers will actually develop the ideas with the most number of votes within Idea Place. In particular we’re focusing mainly on improvements for remote support component. (

Follow this link to access the new remote support component section in Idea Place directly:

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  • Great post Javi. I just checked the Idea Session and there are already 24 ideas but the the votes are still low. Don't forget to vote and build up the business case for the ideas. The higher the votes the better chance the idea has to being reviewed and making it into the product.