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CRM E-Commerce – B2B XCM Configuration Quick Guide

I don’t know how many times I have come across a parameter that I don’t understand (or have forgotten) in the XCM of a B2B application. While most of the parameters have a very good and details help information. I always felt that it would be nice to have one refrence document that had all the available parmaters.


For this reason I have put together this Article  that should assist others in this area.  I hope that you find this useful as it has saved me a lot of time over the past few weeks and months.


This will allow you to search for the needed parameters and let you know the uses and suggested setting. This should greatly speed up the time spent on simple configuration and allow you to spend more time on complex tasks.

Simple find the parameter in the index and check the usage and why this is needed. This covers most of the required configuration and had additional links to related configuration and guides on and the Service Markatplace.

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