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Creating Custom SU01 Transaction Code with Display and Password Reset Buttons

This article explains you the procedure to create a custom SU01 transaction code only with Display and Password reset buttons to enable the L1/Frontline team to accept the basic requests such as User Information, and Password reset requests.

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  • Hi Raghu.

    Excellent document. Very nicely explained.

    I would like to know whether we could also customize SU01 tab-wise.

    Suppose i dont want to give access to tabs SNC & Licence. and want to create custom z transaction for SU01. Can we do that. Can we hide these 2 tabs alone.

    Could you please let me know.



      • Hi Raghu!

        Good article! but what's the difference between this custom development and use the standard SU01 with S_USER_GRP and ACTVT 05??. I guess you don't want to grant authorization to lock/unlock users, right?

        I think that what you made in this custom development solves a usual customer requirement, but I'd just add the option to unlock users only if they're locked by incorrect logons to complete the idea.