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“Shopping cart” approach for content creation with Enterprise Workspaces 1.1

Dear Portal Experts,


As part of the new release of Enterprise Workspaces 1.1 we have introduced the “Shopping cart” approach for content creation. So what does it mean!?


Imagine that every morning you should navigate to the same report in the navigation hierarchy of the portal in order to analyze the updated sales pipeline. Later on you navigate to a different location in the portal to find out the sales group daily news. Day after day… isn’t it annoying?

So how can we solve this challenge once and forever and provide end users the ability to build their own personalized portal pages with their own content with zero intervention from the IT guys?


This is exactly where Enterprise Workspaces with the “shopping cart” approach comes to help us. With Enterprise Workspaces 1.1 end users can navigate in the portal and add any type of content (portal iView or Web Page Composer snippet) to his personal (or shared) workspace, so easy that each and every one of us can do it!




As you can see above, for each iView we have an additional tray option called “Add To Workspace”. Once you click on this action you will be able to add this exact iView to one of the workspaces that you manage.


From now on you will be able to add your most important iViews to your Personal Workspace and find all the information you need in one central and personalized place. This is what we call simplicity and end user productivity!




Aviad Rivlin

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  • Hey Avaid,
    Your blog caught my eye as we in SRM use the term Shop in 3 steps until SRM 7, where it became shop in 4 steps 🙂
    coming back to your blog, its great to know that you have thought of providing a platform where the collaboration indices amongst the portal development team becomes more like an internal collaborative process than an offline one.
    This is just the start, but am sure that you folks will be taking it to the next level with your thought leadership, very small but a great foot forward..all the best in taking this to the next level of content collaboration
    cheers, Tridip
    • Thanks for the feedback!
      Indeed we are currently in the process of designing  further collaboration capabilities as part of Enterprise Workspaces next releases.

      Hope to see you at TechEd in one of our Enterprise Workspaces sessions.