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Insomnia @ SAP InnoJam 2011 Sydney: Part 2 of 3

In Insomnia @ SAP InnoJam 2011 Sydney: Part 1 of 3 I’ve explained the history behind the SAP InnoJam 2011 in Sydney.  This blog will be about the event dynamics and the final presentations  during the event.

Once the teams where complete the “real work”  started. Each team was given an SAP laptop with pre-installed software to use SUP and HANA. The technology experts gave hands-on help and in some cases even a detailed drill-down into some technologies to all interested attendees (special thanks to Andrew Whitacker for his spontaneous Gateway presentation during the event).

At this InnoJam we even had more people working through the night than at Insomnia @ SAP InnoJam 2011 Netherlands: Part 3 of 3. A lot of energy and dedication from the teams that nobody asked to stay overnight, but who loved to get their hands on the technologies we’ve made available during the event.

One aspect that I was made aware of during this InnoJam was again the importance of diversity in the different teams. One attendee, namely Linda Willshire from Kimberly Clark, was a little sceptical and told me that she was afraid “to feel like a fish out of water” during the event as she didn’t have a lot of technical expertise in software development. But at the end of the event she told me that she never felt like that. She was able to provide her domain expertise and was able to learn a lot of what is possible to implement with SAP technologies. At the end of the event she said that “… my mind was bursting with ideas on how we as a business could use all of those SAP technologies“.

The jury members Prof. Bernhard Wieder from the UTS Business School, Karsten Schulz from SAP Research and Grahame Reynolds from the SAUG had to give their votes for each of the teams. As in the last SAP InnoJams each jury member was  allowed to give each of the teams a rating from 1 to 10 and at the end this was the final result:

  • Team 3 (28 points): Long term forecasting using predictive markets
  • Team 1 (27 points): Cibernators
  • Team 3 (24 points): Mad Doc
  • Team 5 (21 points): Holistic mobility asset lifecycle management
  • Team 2 (20 points): Making the CFO happy


Those of you who are interested in the final presentations and the  jury feedback can look into these videos that I’ve uploaded to Youtube.  Hope you like them.

Team 1: Cibernators


Team 2:Keeping the CFO happy


Team 3: Long term forecasting using predicitive markets


Team 4:Mad Doc


Team 5: Holistic Mobility Asset Lifecycle Management

So now you have the final presentations and the results of the SAP InnoJam in Sydney. In the third blog post of this series I’ll wrap up the event from my point of view and will give you also some information on how the presentation of the InnoJam winners at the SAUG summit went happening 4 days after the event.

Stay tuned.

Rui Nogueira

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