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Announcing SCN’s Topic Leaders for 2010-2011

Another SCN Contest year (August 2010 – July 2011) is complete, and while Laure Cetin is away, I have the honour of compiling and announcing this year’s Topic Leaders. Thanks to our intern, Anne-Katrin Hempel, for her help in running the reports. (To learn more about Topic Leaders, please see Former SCN “Top Contributors” now SCN “Topic Leaders”, or SCN’s SCN Reputation Program Overview page.)

And the Topic Leaders (by point categories) for 2010-2011 are…

(I’m taking a different approach by using Crystal Dashboard, instead of posting a list of 130 names. If you have trouble viewing the embedded Flash model,try downloading the latest Adobe Flash Player, or see the list-view on the SCN 2010-2011 Topic Leaders wiki page.)

Congratulations to you, and thank you for your dedication and contributions!

What’s new?

SCN Topic Leaders receive the respect and admiration of our community members for leading their topics, and we do our best to recognize and thank them for their contributions to the SCN Community. Topic Leaders attending SAP TechEd are invited onto the grand stage for an in-person round of applause. They also receive a Certificate of Appreciation from Mark Yolton, and are invited to join a Topic Leaders discussion forum to candidly discuss and influence the direction of our community.

Here’s good news! Thanks to the persistence and influence of Marilyn Pratt, the SAP Education team has kindly agreed to provide this contest year’s Topic Leaders with access to one SAP Certification test. This is another great benefit and recognition for our SCN Topic Leaders! Watch out for official details coming soon from our SAP Education team.

What’s next?

Well, more good news! I’m sure you’ve heard of our current efforts to move the SAP Community Network to a Better. Faster. Stronger.   The SAP Community Network … Coming Soon on a New, Modern Platform!. This is an excellent chance for us to add NEW and MORE SPECIFIC topic areas, giving the community more opportunities to better identify experts. I think you’ll agree with me that some of the current categories are perfectly fine as SAP topics, whereas others are much too broad. I’m excited for the possibility to highlight the efforts and contributions of even more experts from this community.

SAP TechEd

I can’t offer Topic Leaders a pass to SAP TechEd. However, if you are able to attend the upcoming conference in Las Vegas (September 12-16, 2011), Marilyn and I are hosting a brief meet-up with all Topic Leaders (Top Contributors) past and present, in the Expert Networking Lounge (Tuesday, Sept 13, 1-1:30pm, Lounge 4). We will be doing the same at all TechEd events. Please come by and share with us your stories about SCN and your journeys to becoming Topic Leaders. Anyone aspiring to be a Topic Leader, or interested in meeting our community Experts, is also welcomed to join us.

If you are more interested in points and badges, please join me in a separate Expert Networking Lounge session, entitled “Badges, badges, badges” on Thursday, Sept 15, 2-2:30pm, Lounge 3. In this session, I’d like your feedback on SCN’s Contributor Recognition Program, and share with you new ways we are considering to recognize the efforts and expertise of our members. (Hint: It’s in the session title.)

Congratulations once again to our Topic Leaders!

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  • Hello Jason

    First off, congratz to all topic leaders.

    It looks like a nice set of rewards for the SCN Topic Leaders.

    Where can I expect to find details for SAP TechED EMEA - Madrid?

    Kind regards


  • Congratulations to all the Topic Leader!

    Also, Thank you Marilyn and the SCN Collaboration Team for giving something back to those who support SCN.


  • Thanks for the blog and It is really a great news that Topic Leaders can access SAP Certification test and thanks for all the efforts taken by the entire team in this regard.

    Hearty Congratulations to all Topic Leaders

    G. Lakshmipathi

  • Congrats to all winners but still no Free Pass atleast for the receiving the certificate from Mark Yolton! Atleast this should have been done.
    For some events Topic leaders should have a free pass as they dedicated the whole year for the help of other community members despite of their busy work schedule!!

    p.s. Neatly done blog Jason!

  • Several years ago, when I consulted as an SAP project manager for client implementations, "Knowledge is Power" was a phrase I heard often.  Many consultants did not want to share their knowledge of SAP products because they felt it made them more valuable.  However, just the opposite is true.  The knowledgeable leaders, who share what they know with others are the biggest and brightest contributors, and hence the most valuable.


    Also, great blog, Jason!

  • Hey,

    Beautiful,wonderful and great news.
    People using SCN much like me, very well knows these winners and their quick responses.

    They are making work so much smoother for so many people across globe.Heartiest Congratulations!!!!


  • Hey Jason,

    A quick question:
    For next year list, how would you calcuate the points? Would the existing points of winners  be reset and it would begin fresh or the existing points would be carried further?
    How is it done...this is just for my information.


    • Hi Kumud,
      Thank you for your question. At this time, we are planning to continue tracking contributions and points of members between August 1, 2011 to July 31, 2012 for our next 'contest' period. This means that although our members will keep (carry forward) their lifetime or historical points, we will only look at points accumulated between Aug 1, 2011 - Jul 31, 2012.

      More 2012, we would have migrated to the new Jive platform. At this time, we expect to have many more topic categories - many new ones, and some existing categories will be replaced by one or more new categories. This means more chances to be a Topic Leader, but it also poses a challenge in reconciling points in existing categories with new categories. We're thinking ahead and evaluating a few options to decide what is best for the community. Stay tuned for more information to come in the next few exciting months!


  • Thank you for publishing the list of topic leaders and for giving us some stage time, so people can see who the topic leaders really are.
    It is also great news to know that SAP is giving something back to topic leaders, not only the nice "thank you" certificate but also in giving us the chance in the form of a free certification test to further proof that we know what we are talking about.


  • Jason:

    Thanks for share this and great dashboard by the way...I'm happy to be among the winners of Scripting Languages -;) For sure will join you and Marilyn at TechEd Las Vegas.


  • Glad to see the format that this is presented in.  Thanks Jason for a clever and compelling and smart way of graphically displaying the top contributors.  I recognize and salute many of the names here.  There are people on this list that really work tirelessly to ensure quality contributions from others as well as demanding that kind of content of themselves - so a double salute: for providing and guiding.
    In the future, the whole system of recognition will be enhanced by the ability to really rate the value of blogs in a more commuity driven way.  This will have an impact on the way the top contributors are perceived I believe and give the community even more of an opportunity to let quality be recognized and noise to be dismissed.  Thanks to you all and thanks to Jason for the great format posting.
    • Hi Marilyn,
      Thanks very much for your comments!
      I agree the future does look promising and I'm excited that the community will really benefit from having even greater influence in identifying quality content and those who create them. Beyond TechEd in Las Vegas I will share more information about new ways for recognizing contributors.
    • Hi Priya,
      Sorry for my delayed response! I also think the Active Contributors list helped to inspire others to participate. At this time, I'm not certain if we will continue to publish the Active Contributors list, because of changes we hope to implement in the new Jive platform. We're collecting feedback right now and looking for opportunities within Jive to provide new ways to recognize member contributions. Will share more information witht the community in the coming months.


  • HI, Congrats for the people who are on the top in SCN. I am working ins SAP BI, I saw so many articles published by Surendra Kumar Reddy, All are excellent. Special Thanks to Surendra Kumar Reddy. Hope we can get more new articles & Blogs from you guys.

    Thanks one again.


  • Congrats to all Topic Leaders for their hard work.

    Thanks to SAP Team for their continuous effort. Also, for SAP Certification exam. Its really nice to see efforts of Topic Leaders are recognized more and more.


  • Hi Jason,

    I have a problem with the measurement technique used (points) and also have the certifications in my area, so you like to transfer the "prize" of taking a certification exam to another community member who does not have it but deserves it (though the points were not enough).

    Does SCN support such a transfer of the certification exam to another community member?


    • ps: Very cool Crystal Dashboard! A scroll bar for the categories would round it off, together with a heat seaker pie chart for year on year comparative analysis.

      Pity that some top contributors have been guestified since because of points gaming and others might currently distort the statistics beyond imaginable boundaries.


      • Flashy dashboard, no problem for my Android device, not sure for iPhones/iPads.

        Points: let's wait for TechEd and the "new" SCN:
        [...] please join me in a separate Expert Networking Lounge session, entitled “Badges, badges, badges” [...] share with you new ways we are considering to recognize the efforts and expertise of our members.

        -> I will try to find out what awaits us. Badges does not mean pure point count, or am I wrong?


        • Android?! Awesome! Thanks Tobias!
          And yes, badges doesn't mean pure points! Example, your Mentor badge is one. The badge you get for writing 10 or more blogs about SAP Netweaver, each with 5 star ratings in 2012 could be another.


      • Thanks for your feedback Julius! I'm always up for trying something different. To me, presenting a list of 200+ names doesn't seem fitting for a blog post. I like your suggestions for analyzing topic leaders. Was going to use a global heatmap of where Topic Leaders reside also, but as you stated, substance and integrity should win over beauty in making these sorts announcements.


    • Hi Julius,
      Thanks for letting me know. From what I understand from the SAP Education team, the access to certifcation exam allows you to free access to take one of any of SAP's certification exams - passing it will be up to you. 🙂 You can expect more info from SAP Education. If you choose to pass this benefit on to another SCN member, please contact me directly, and I'll take care of the rest.


  • Hi Jason,

    Is SAP Education Team is going to send some for the certification exam or Do we need to contact them ? Could you please let us know what is the process to get this free certification exam ?


    • Hi Sunny,
      Thanks for your question. The SAP Education Team will contact Topic Leaders, and provide an electronic voucher to access a certification exam.


      • Definitely this is going to help many topic leaders and also encourage others to be on the top of each forum. 

        No doubt all Topic Leaders will eagerly look forward to hearing the updation on certification

        G. Lakshmipathi

  • Jason,

    The education certification credit is a nice idea.  I'm not sure how many of the "experts" would personally use them however.  Has SAP considered providing the "experts" with their own "read-only" OSS logon?  This would allow them to search OSS and make their forum responses even more valuable to SDN.  I'm sure some have access to OSS via clients and if they are employees through their work place.  But many of those accounts are limited to a few peope in the workplace and consultants (especially freelancers), many not have consistent access to OSS.
    Having their own OSS logon would be very helpful I'm sure.  SAP can deactivate them when ever their contribution levels dropped.

    • Hi Fire Fighter,
      Thanks very much for your suggestion! I can that beyond status for our Topic Leaders, access via OSS logon would be extremely beneficial for our community experts, and our members by extension. I also like the notion of earning this access. We're looking at various benefits our members can 'earn' for their contributions to the community, and will be sure to include your suggestions.


  • Hi Jason,

    It is really nice to hear from you, that all topic leaders are getting rewarded by certificate of Appreciation.

    My opinion is to give the hard copy of printed certificate to the topic leaders in the TechED, instead email the e-certificate one.

    The hard copy is the one which will always stand as record.

    Hope you deliver.


    • Hi Jansi,
      Thanks for your suggestion. I use to print, mail or hand-deliver Certificates of Appreciation to leading contributors in the Business Objects community. We've since gone with the eCertificate because it is faster, less expensive, environmentally-friendly, and easier to distribute. The eCertificates are created in high resolution format, so Topic Leaders may choose to print them out. It would be nice to hand out hard copy certificates to those Topic Leaders who are attending TechEd. I will pass your suggestion on to our team.


        • Hi Lakshmipathi,
          Sorry I wasn't aware Laure had promised photos on the certificates, so there are no photos in the certificates this year. Please understand the challenge to organize and collect acceptable photos from all 300 topic leaders, and to have certificates created and mailed out in a reasonable time from the date Leaders are announced is great. However, knowing how methodical and organized Laure is, I'm sure she will come up with an elegant solution to meet her commitments to you.


      • I received my voucher on 26.9. It's a voucher for pearson VUE.

        My problem is that I wanted to do the certification Solution Consultant SAP NetWeaver 2004s - Knowledge Management and Collaboration (C_TEP30_04s), but that certification is under development. If SAP won't finish the review until the voucher expires ...

  • I'm glad to hear that there is a certificate coming their way.   The topic leaders are our bread and butter.  They are the once who are committed to SCN.  They post a lot.  They answer question.  They do 100 things for our community.

    So let me add my voice into all of this.  I am not a Topic Leader.

    A certification would be a huge plus.  I was an ABAP certified person back in 1987.  I got a certificate.  Guess where it is now?  Yes, it is still hanging on the wall of my cubical.

    The first Top Contributor award was a tag on a chain.  Guess were that one is?  Again hanging in my cubical.  I'm proud to be a contributor to SAP.

    These guys / gals well they are the TOP of the contributors and they are limited in number when you think of how big SCN has grown.

    Certification?  It's very important.  I save things like that in case I have to have them for a resume.

    SAP Teched or non-SAP Teched, these awesome, amazing, incredible people need to have something in their hand.  A photo - how cool would that be?  It is a great idea!

    I love following this blog, it is so positive.


  • Hello Topic Leaders,
    My sincere apologies to you for the delay in many of you not receiving your voucher for the certification exam. There was some miscommunication with our SAP Education team and we are sorting this out now.

    My second apology is for many of you not receiving your Certificates of Appreciation yet. My good intention was to provide you with high resolution files of the certificate such that they are print-ready. Unfortunately, each certificate is 3MB large, and since I've taken it upon myself to email these out it has been a slow process (I've only managed to mail off 20 certificates). I won't let my pride get in the way of you receiving your much deserved appreciation, so I'm going to ask for help in mailing the rest of the certificates out to you.

    Thank you all for your patience!
    Yours truly,

    • Jason,

      no need to apologize. AFAIK SCN is currently in a phase of a big change, and no doubt there: this is a huge task to cope with (+TechEd + SAPPHIRE preparations). Sure it would be nice to have this done automatically, but as we learned last year from Laure, this is a manual process, done for every of the >130 topic leaders. Even if you need only 10 Minutes / certificate, makes
      almost 3 full work days (doing nothing else than sending out certifications!!)

      btw: 1.11 is near 🙂


      • Hi Tobias,
        I'm at the SAP BusinessObjects User Conference this week, so network connection is not optimal. Thanks very much for your understanding! I'm hoping other Topic Leaders are the same way. 🙂


    • Hi Jason

      I think, it is very difficult to get S-user ID from SAP India and without which, one cannot get registered to appear for free certification. 

      Has anybody else were able to succeed in getting S-User ID from SAP India ?  If so, please share their experience.

      • Hi,

        the pearson VUE site states:
        "If you have previously taken an SAP exam or attended SAP training, go directly to step b, otherwise, customers and partners should access visit the Service Marketplace ( to register for your S-user number. Independent consultants, as well as Customers and partners having questions or problems regarding this step, should use the following contacts: [contact information]"

        If your employer won't give you an S-User you'll have to request one by the contact information given. If they resist: have you tried mentioning that you are a topic leader?


  • Hi

    I got this mail regarding the free SAP certification voucher.
    I have S user id also.

    But the problem lies after that.
    I tried registering for SAP portal development certification
    but it got stuck in the third step where one popup came saying "Price of the exam not available please contact customer care"

    i contacted them.

    here is their reply

    "Dear candidate,

    Thank you for contacting Pearson VUE. We received your inquiry on

    Please be informed that this SAP (c_ep120_701) exam is not for delivery
    within Asia Pacific region. Due to this reason, you are not able to view
    the exam price. You will need to travel to America or Europe region if
    you wish to sit for this exam.

    If you have any further questions or inquiries, please contact us again
    via e-mail or call us on one of our toll free numbers listed at
    Thank you.
    Customer Service Executive
    Pearson-VUE APAC Customer Service

    It says that i cannot give the exam in india.

    then i checked for other exams also. For them also price is not available.

    I sent mails to Richard Strattner (from whom i got the mail)

    haven't got any reply yet.

    Anybody else facing the same problem?

    • Hi,

      I am also facing same problem.

      Then I contacted SAP for the same. They said we will evaluate your resume first. Now, when they have evaluated the resume, they don't know about this Voucher code. Looks like noone is aware about this.

      I am also finding it is difficult to whom shall i contact for this.

      Hope Jason can help us on this.


    • Hi Sarbjeet Singh

      It is very unfortunate to note that the free certification is not available in Asia Pacific region and in fact, there should be some communication between the organising committee who have put forth this proposal and SAP India.

      Of course, in many of my friends case, it is even worse.  They were informed that they have not got any such information from SAP and hence, they are not eligible.

      Will have to wait and see how this is going to be handled by SCN team who have introduced this proposal.

      G. Lakshmipathi

      • I am also waiting for the clarification from richard regarding creation of S-Userid.

        As mentioned by Keshav.T in Suggestions & Comments forum, Richard is following up with SAP India regarding this and validity of the voucher will be extended beyond 31/12/2011.