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SAP Data Consistency Management Using SAP Solution Manager at SAP TechEd 2011

SAP TechEd 2011 lecture ALM213 will introduce ideas and tools regarding Inconsistency Prevention and Inconsistency Investigation.

SAP Solution Manager’s Business Process Operations and Data Consistency Management provide content which you can use with limited effort of customizing. In general, Business Process Monitoring provides technical monitoring as well as business monitoring via monitoring objects and key figures, which are available as standard content and ready to be configured. Data Consistency Management provides tools to setup and configure consistency checks between data in SAP systems or between data in an SAP system and a non-SAP database.

TechEd 2011 lecture ALM213 will describe how to check the transactional correctness of your SAP ABAP programs. Limited tool support is also available for SAP Java programs. In case data inconsistency could not have been prevented and would already have happened in your system landscape, learn how SAP Solution Manager can be used to assess what tools are available to check data inconsistencies as well as what tasks are recommended to conduct data consistency investigations in a particular context. Guided procedures and session management increase efficiency and effectiveness of these tasks.


Figure 1: Data Consistency Toolbox

Lecture ALM213 will introduce how to automate the execution and evaluation of consistency check reports, i.e. making them part of your Business Process and Interface Monitoring. Certain Alerts for particular Alert Types (Key Figures) relevant for Data Consistency can be configured and displayed in an own view inside the Business Process Operations Work Center.  Automation and Management-by-Exception avoids the manual execution of reports again and again. Autoreactions like email notifications or incident messages are possible in case of incidents detected.


Figure 2: Data Consistency Monitoring

What is in it for you?

Data Consistency Management helps to decrease your effort to manually check what data consistency tools and procedures are available and recommended and whether the same have been executed, leading to higher effectiveness of consistency management.

Data Consistency Monitoring helps you decrease your effort to manually investigate whether potential inconsistencies have been identified, leading to higher efficiency of consistency management.

Where can you find TechEd 2011 lectures and sessions?

The lecture and session descriptions and dates are available in SAP TechEd’s online catalog. To read about all lectures and sessions offered in the Application Lifecycle Management – Operations track, click the Operations link and select the topics that you are interested in and that you would like to attend. Moreover, the Business Process Monitoring FAQ is a recommended source of information.

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