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Approving download basket items without having to use the Solution Manager Maintenance Optimizer

You have probably been annoyed by the fact that you have to use the maintenance optimizer and create a new transaction because you need to approve a single file you want to download from SAP Service Marketplace. I understand the functionality of the maintenance optimizer is intended to be used for change tracking but what if you already have change management implemented outside of Solution Manager and you just want to download the file?

It’s possible without \ the maintenance optimizer and I’m not inventing something new here, I didn’t “find“ this. One of my colleagues showed a shortcut a while ago and recently I noticed some forum entries on the topic as well.

There was also a comments on one of my other blogs about the dreadfulness of having to go through maintenance optimizer to approve a single file.

Just recently I blogged about What if? Stepping outside of your comfort zone. Giving advice to other people and not following my own advice would be a bad thing. So I tried out a new What if? By creating my first Youtube video for this blog. My voicing skills might not be great yet but I think it still beats showing a bunch of screenshots.

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  • Hi Tom,

    I'm no expert on this (i.e. I don't have a clue really), but this looks to me like a great tip!
    And kudos for stepping out of your comfort zone. Once again it was worth it, and you got rewarded IMO.

    Cheers, Fred

    • Hello Fred

      Thanks for your comment.

      Yeah it's a small step out of the comfort zone but I'm convinced it's worth it by the reaction I received so I will be producing some more handy tips soon.

      Kind regards


    • Hello Sean

      Yes that is also an alternative but I don't know about the faster part though. It basically calls the function module that is mentioned in the video after you opened your maintenance transaction.

      SAP should just remove the approval step as it serves no good purpose.

      Kind regards


  • Thanks for the tip, Tom.  Like you, I understand the point of the maintenance organizer, but I think its a little draconian to force us to use it for everything that needs to be approved.  I'll keep your clever suggestion pinned to my wall.

    Thanks again

  • Fantastic Tom!!!!

    I had keep a SOLMAN 7.0  instance (while install the new 7.1) only to approve this downloads.

    Your tip will help a lot.

    Very much thank´s for share.

    Congratulations !!!!