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Performance & Scalability – a Networked Solutions Quality

Performance can be considered both from a system as well as a user point of view. While system administrators are interested in achieving required system throughput with a given IT budget, the end users are seeking reasonable response time when interacting with software systems. Acceptable response times are of course related to the content of business processing. At the same time, the aspect of perceived performance, that is, a user judges the system performance subjectively and often perceives it differently from the objective performance, should also be taken into account.

Performance refers to the total effectiveness of a computer system, including throughput, individual response time, and availability. Programming for good performance thus means making reasonable use of critical resources, keeping response time at a minimum, taking into consideration aspects of network communication, as well as ensuring the scalability of the software.

Scalability, in most general terms, means the degree to which a scenario, component or system can be expanded (and reduced) in size, volume, or number of users served and continue to function properly and predictably. In other words, scalability refers to the predictable resource consumption of a software application under different system load, while the response time remains in the reasonable range.

In this survey we would like to get your feedback, expectations and requirements for performance and scalability from an architecture perspective to support business processes spanning across on-demand and on-premise applications.  

I kindly ask you to take a few minutes to complete the survey and take the opportunity to influence SAP’s product strategy and its resulting Networked Solutions (NWS) architecture.


“Performance & Scalability” is an important NWS Quality

Many companies today use cloud and mobile applications, thereby extending their IT landscapes beyond their firewalls to collaborate with subsidiaries, partners, suppliers and customers. These trends increase the complexity and heterogeneity of IT landscapes.

SAP does not only support its customers in these areas by broadening its portfolio to on-demand and on-device solutions; we also put a special focus on the integration of these new offerings into existing landscapes and to overcome the challenges of orchestrating hybrid landscapes along end-to-end business processes. The challenge is to make applications and technology components fit together and behave as a single solution. Recognizing this, SAP has established the Networked Solutions (NWS) architecture program with the goal of creating a single architecture blueprint that defines how SAP and non-SAP solutions behave as one and fit together to support end to end business processes across heterogeneous IT landscapes for existing and new offerings.

NWS Qualities define the non-functional capabilities, coherence and interoperability and serve as the baseline for a consistent NWS architecture.

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