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DIY SAP CRM at Teched 2011 Las Vegas

Ask and you shall receive!

The last two years at SAP Teched in Las Vegas, I have been asked can we get more SAP CRM technical related content at SAP Teched.  My answer was well I will see what I can do.  This year I asked the question again and realized that I would need to help this effort out.  I went ahead put together a session submission under the ASUG call for sessions and it got accepted.

CD119: WebServices and Word Templates with SAP CRM

I realize that this is not the BOL development class that we all dream of, but keep in mind I am a SAP CRM Functional Consultant and not a developer ;).  However in this session you will learn to use a nice piece of functionality in your SAP CRM 7.0 system that will allow you to look like a rockstar to your business users.  Rockstar is wishful thinking, but perhaps you will at least keep smiles on the face of your business users and that’s worth it.   It’s scheduled right now for 9:15AM on Thursday September 15th, 2011. 

SAP CRM Webclient Networking Session

This expert networking session to be held in the community clubhouse will cover additional Q&A from my CD119 session, along with a specific focus on CRM webclient development and configuration.  Think of it as a live CRM webclient framework forum session.  It’s tentatively scheduled for 11AM on Thursday Sept 15th, 2011 in Lounge 5.

SAP CRM BPX Community Networking Lounge

As always this will be a session to talk about what’s important to the SAP CRM BPX Community.  You will get a chance to meet a SAP CRM Topic moderator(myself) and talk about the pressing issues facing your SAP CRM implementation.  We will still keep a slightly technical focus(we are at teched), but look at things at a more general level.  This one is scheduled for 11:30AM on Thursday Sept 15th, 2011 in Lounge 5.

That’s all?

Well I am a just one person and providing two hours of SAP CRM developer focus content at Teched counts as my fair contribution.  That being said if you see me(I will have the shirt with 29 or SJOHANNES on the back) at Teched Las Vegas please feel free to stop me and introduce yourself.

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  • We will also have some CRM related content in other sessions as well. We have CD101 - How to Increase User Productivity with SAP Customer Relationship Management Web UI. This session will focus on new features in the CRM User Interface.

    We also have CD269.  Although not CRM focused, per say; we will introduce BOL modeling and implementation in this session.  We will also extend the BOL class with BRF+ rules and then service enable the BOL object using both SOAP based services in the ABAP Workbench and REST based ones in NetWeaver Gateway. Finally we will show the new BOL/Web Dynpro ABAP FPM generator and integration.

    There will also be Pod CD-P02 which will cover new functionality in CRM WebUIF (along with new features in FPM and WDA as well).

    • Tom,

      Yes thanks for mentioning those also.  I was going to do a separate blog talking about my personal agenda for teched and was going to mention those sessions.  This blog was more focused on the sessions that I was conducting.

      Take care,