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CRM WebUI Development – Error Message ‘Starting point of structure enhancement not found’ when add a value attribute to a bol model node

Based on the post of sap sdn forum: Adding attribute to Input context node of CRM_UBB_CHANGE : Error message

After enhancing a component, I got the error ‘Starting point of structure  enhancement not found’ when i added an attribute to a bol model node. Here are the steps.

I had enhanced the component PGM_MAIN, and added a table view ZINITIATIVE to the views. Then i tried to add a value attribute to the node INITIATIVE. And i got the error ‘Starting point of structure  enhancement not found’.

The original context node INITIATIVE is a bol model  node,and refered to the bol model INISearchResult.

But in some components which have been enhanced, it will succeed when i  do the same thing. So i think in some components, there are some methods which  the system cann’t redifine automatically.

So i compared this view with other views which had been added value attribute successfully. Then i found the method IF_BSP_MODEL~INIT. This method belongs to the class of the node, for example, the class of the node ZINITIATIVE we talk about. If the method has been redifined, the symbol that at the front of the method will be a green square, otherwise it will be a yellow triangle.

In other views which had been added value attribute successfully, the method has been redifined. Please pay attention to the marked parts in the picture. ‘add by wizard’ means that the codes were added by the system automatically.

Additional i did another experiment. If i added an bol attribute into the bol model node, it worked. And i found the method IF_BSP_MODEL~INIT hadn’t been redifined. So, that the method cann’t be redifined is the couse of the error.

If you add a value attribute to a bol model node, this method should be  redifined, and the system can add some codes to this method, so that this node  will be defined as a mixed node. See the codes in the picture above.

(PS: I will talk about the mixed node in my next new post.)

Otherwise, in this component which i got the error, the system can not add  codes into this method automatically, seemed the system cann’t redifine this  method automatically.

So i redifined this method at first by hand. You just need to redifine this method, so that system can add codes to it.

Then i added a value attribute to the node INITIATIVE, and it worked.

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