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All your Basis Are Belong To Us #sapadmin


Picture 1.0


Picture 1.1

The tweet All Your Basis Are Belong To Us got me thinking about the #sapadmin idea I invite you all to stick with me and check out this blog as I take a look at the mountain and the top of the mountain where the base is.

The top of the mountain


Picture 1.2

The tweet from Thorsten along with all the information from past days mixed up with some books I’m reading fueled me with ideas.  I couldn’t resist to start up Photoshop and create something (picture 1.0). 

On top of picture 1.2 you see developers (recognizable by their blue shirts) on their home base SDN. They are having fun, connection, collaborating, sharing and much more. Evidence of that are SAP Innojam, SAP Code Exchange and the many vivid community members on top of the mountain.


Picture 1.3

You guessed it right, the persons who are climbing the mountain are the system administrators (recognizable by their white shirts). Some of them are the bottom of the mountain, they jump on SDN now and then and when they really get stuck and need to find a solution to a specific problem. 


Picture 1.4

A little bit higher you see some tents where system administrators are staying slightly longer, perhaps sharing content and discussing system administration. The view is a bit nicer at that altitude, you can see the clouds and parts of other mountains in the distance.


Picture 1.5


Picture 1.6

Then there are my partners in crime and me (picture 1.5 and 1.6) trying to climb the steep slope to reach the top of the mountain. Along the way we voice for system administration and we connect to persons on top of the mountain, throwing ropes so they can be attached on the top of the mountain, to help us climb.

I’m glad to have found out Martin English made it to the SAP Mentor wolfpack. It can be the perfect way to further influence SAP on the topic of #sapadmin. You can see us on picture 1.6 discussing evil plans to further fuel #sapadmin and voice for the group. 


Picture 1.7

There are also persons on top of the mountain who are supporting the system administrators climbing the mountain. Notice how Jon Reed (notice he is wearing a cap) is standing by the ropes giving valuable advice to help the administrators climb.  Also notice how Natascha Thomson is standing next to him, voicing for #sapadmin on Social Media (see picture 1.7). 


Picture 1.8

The  word SDN is stroked with white color and BASIS is stroked with blue color indicating the influence they have on each other (see picture 1.8).

Fitting on top of the mountain


Picture 1.9

But all of those guys don’t fit on the top of the mountain?? Let’s use another mountain, next to the mountain of SDN and build a bridge between that mountain and the mountain of SDN. That way everyone can enjoy the beautiful view from the top and we can connect by going over the bridge, having fun together, connecting, collaborating and much more.

The new mountain is called SBN (SAP Basis Network) to stay in the same naming convention as SDN. Although I’m not a big fan of the word Basis, the word seems to stick around and appears to be recognizable for many so why not use it.

I talked with Martin English earlier today on Skype and he said he would be happy to take on the lead at base camp.

Calling out for your support

Once again I’m calling out for your support, you can make a difference, you can throw the rope from the top of the mountain and help us climb, you can help build the bridge between the mountain top of SDN and the mountain top of SBN. You can help set up the base camp on the mountain top of SBN.

The idea that was originally created on idea place has some votes but it is not enough yet. Please help us form this new place of laughter and fun so we can also enjoy the view from the mountain top. You can vote on the idea on idea place here:

Calling out to SAP

This time I’m not only calling out to whoever is on top of the SDN mountain but I’m also calling out to SAP. Please help us to get this idea going. I know a good deal of persons are already supporting this idea but we need even more support so please join the ranks.

Connect with us and let’s work together to make this happen.

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  • ... that you apparently don't feel at home in our cosy Developer Community ;-). Which is IMO not a developer-only community, and won't be even if you guys (and gals?) leave us to go and live on your own mountain. But maybe it's good idea to make some more mountains. I would certainly become a member of the SIN (SAP Integrators Network).
    At this moment though I just don't see the need for it. Nor does it become apparent for me from this blog (despite the many nice pictures, I did enjoy reading your blog!). My view at the top of the mountain (when I don't look down, but around) seems to indicate there's lots of space at the top. It's better called a plateau instead.

    Just my 2 cents, and waiting to be convinced otherwise, Fred

    • Hello Fred

      I do feel at home, that is certainly not the reason to voice for an administrator space within SCN.

      In general I would like to see more admin content and we are progressing, from having and using the #sapadmin hashtag to having podcasts from David Hull #coveryourbasis but I believe we could do much more than that.

      In order to go up and beyond I believe a seperate space on SCN can aid the cause. I believe it would attract more system admin's to actually participate on SCN.

      I'm thinking about SAP Basis Exchange here, exchanging automation scripts and so on which are useful for system administrators, I'm thiking about events that are oriented towards system administration.

      I did love Innojam, even only if it was a limited period of time I was present but similar ideas, events would be awesome for admin's as well. How about increasing the performance of a given system as much as possible in 30 hours, just ranting on now so I hope I can get more reasons across.

      Guess I'll have some more work to do to get you convinced which is fine 🙂

      Thanks a lot for your comment and support.

      ps: SIN is a nice catch

      Kind regards


      • Hi Tom,

        Glad to hear you do feel at home ;-). With regard to your ideas:

        - There's tons of content behind the Application Lifecycle Mgmt entry on the left (on SDN). From your examples it looks like you're more looking for 'social' content (podcasts, blogs, etc). That content is shared among the communities anyway (meaning if you go to the blogs-tab you're out of SDN/BPX/etc and on SCN). So I'm still not sure what you mean here.

        - Basis Exchange: IMO not needed, script = code in my book, so fits perfectly on CodeExchange, just start some projects there with the right tags (can't be difficult to make those up 😉 ).

        - InnoJam: here you've a fair point. I think this event is currently not as interesting for #SAPAdmins as it is for developers. Would love to hear the opinion of other #SAPAdmins on this. Btw, still glad you joined us for SAPInnoJamNL!

        Conclusion: I'm still not convinced, though I'll grant you your own event. 😉

        But regardless these are good additions/clarifications, which can (and will?) only make your 'business case' stronger.

        Cheers, Fred

        • Hello Fred

          Concerning the SBN page, while I feel at home, many system administrators don't seem to feel at home. How can you make them feel more at home then becomes the question and by providing them with a "home" page might be the correct answer.

          That way the blog in the spot will be related to what they want to see etc. It's doesn't require huge changes, as you mention the ALM section is full of content and it would only require a restructured left menu to make it an "admin" space.

          I know blogs are shared accross spaces which is a good thing in my opinion. The new SCN will offer lots of ways to see the content you want to see and narrow down the visible content more if wanted.

          I will see how I can get Basis Exchange going, might come to you for some tips since I haven't really got any experience in Code Exchange area.

          If I can join SAPInnoJamNL next year I will and it will be with the purpose to stay throughout the event and collaborate 🙂

          Thanks for getting the discussion going, I hope more join in later on today (when they are awake).

          Kind regards


          • Tom/Fred,

            I sit on the fence on this one a little, leaning more towards Tom on it. A community is a collection of people who have a common reference point/goal.
            As we have seen the lines of technology are blurring old technical and development more and more. So I agree with Fred that it is a plateau and perhaps we need to work harder at getting our 'Basis' people out of the dungeon and working with developers and functional people to drive better solutions.
            On the other hand, we have nearly an implicit expectation from Developers, Functional people and SAP themselves (to a degree) that the technology fits together easily and so does not require much integration. That is an incorrect assumption, which due to a lack of engagement from technical people has persisted (I'll get a good flaming for that one!).
            So would a separate area drive/embolden admins to collaborate more and help the same way SDN has done for developers and functional people? On Tom's side, I think it would but only with really good engagement with SAP to provide the same level of interaction we see on the development and functional spaces.

            Ultimately guys what we are seeing is a new breed of technical people who know the demands being placed upon us by employers, colleagues and community. This has driven some of us to step outside our comfort zones to find our own networks and community to support us as we administrate ever increasing levels of integration and complexity.
            I do not have an answer and the only strong opinion I have is that as we engage with ourselves and the community we will 'find our feet' if that is a separate community like BPX, then that is what we will strive for, but for now, we MUST get more technical people out in the open, support them and help them to develop their own sense of community and belonging in the SAP ecosystem.
            If you look at the breakdown of the SAP Mentors at the minute, there is a number of very technical and reasonably technical people which, for me, shows a particular focus and opportunity to engage.
            That is all.


          • Hello Chris

            Thanks a lot for your support and comment.

            You have some really good points there. I agree with you that technical persons should work more closely together with developers and functional people.

            The stereotype admin looks a bit like Einstein and is afraid of too much human contact. We need to move away from that stereotype. I agree with Chris, to be able to do that we need support of the groups already out there and of SAP.

            Perhaps I should have drawn a plateau with two base camps when I look back at the comments.

            Anyhow I stand by the idea to have a seperate space for #sapadmin and I'm delighted to have seen that the idea is under Review on Idea Place!

            Kind regards


  • Hi Tom,

    I strongly believe this is a good direction and benefit either every new comer or experience basis chap. SBN will encourage more involvement and put the basis people closer.

    Nicholas Chang.

    • Hello Nicholas

      Thanks for your comment and vote.

      I was glad to see yesterday the idea was "under Review", perhaps it was already earlier on but I missed it somehow. The SCN team is doing a great job at looking at the idea place ideas and picking up popular ideas and doing something with them.

      It makes me want to go and create another dozen ideas. +1 for SCN

      Kind regards


    • Hello Natascha

      Thanks for your comment, time and support 🙂

      I would have drawn you as a princess to give you more credit but I only had a very limited amount of pixels so I drew you as if you have an pink iphone(exclu/ive stuff) in your hand to emhasize your role in social media.

      Kind regards