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SAP mobile Apps for consumers

I just recently joined our SAP Labs team in Palo Alto and wanted to share some insights about a cool initiative that SAP is working on creating Applications not only for the enterprise market but also for SAPs customers’ customers.  If SAP can make end consumers happy it will give us the opportunity to link such apps to our traditional customers and makes them even more successful in their business.


A team with experts from various backgrounds are putting a tremendous effort into setting an example for SAP.  As a first outcome the team designed a very neat iPhone App which leverages SAP technology and runs on mobile devices from concept to adoption in just 90 days.


Already since June 2011 all iPhone users can download the first result of this initiative from the Apple App Store. The application is called Recall Genie. The main target audience is parents who want to keep informed about products they purchased for their kids.


This application allows the parent to monitor all recalls from manufacturers of the products they care about. The end user simply creates a watch list and gets informed when there’s a new recall.


I especially like the concept from a technology perspective. The team is going to be using NewDB / HANA as a database technology in version 2.0 and also plans to offer it as a Facebook application.


„What is this all about?“

Designed for busy parents, Recall Genie monitors recalls on items they own for their children.

Key Pain Points Addressed

  • Parents don’t have the time to track product recalls
  • Even though the information is out there it is hard to find and across many data sources
  • No other mobile application lets you focus on just what is important to you

Key Product Features

  • Monitor only items that matter to you
  • Products organized intuitively by category and brand
  • Share with friends via email or Facebook
  • Read relevant recalls from Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) right on you iPhone

The team is conducting end user interviews and gets great feedback from the users. Moms really like the ease of use and the fact that they don’t actively have to check for relevant recalls anymore.


I would suggest all SAP people to download and tell their friends about this. There is more to come. Especially as Version number 2.0 is just around the corner. I will keep you updated.

See some example Screenshots:

 RecallGenie ScreenshotRecallGenie Screenshot


Download is available for everyone using the US Apple App Store:



Enjoy exploring and let me know what you think!

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