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SAP Inside Track Chicago – An Idiot’s follow up

SAP Inside Track Chicago!  Did you go?  Did you speak?  Where was the follow up blog?  Well it was / is in my head.  It never got written.  SAP Teched is coming up quickly, and I just kind of went from one thing to the next.  Never thinking it would be nice to give you feedback.

So does that mean a recap like Tammy’s blog?  No.  It just means I’m going to share some comments that were writting in our feedback forms.  (And yes, not many people replied – a big thank you to those that did!)

We had a great turn-out.  I’m not sure of the exact numbers but somewhere around 75 people were there in the morning.  Some had to leave in the afternoon.

So here’s my survey recap (and I get to pick the comments), Sadly some of the sessions did not get comments.  I think it’s because we didn’t pass out paper surveys after our sessions.  We just had the survey’s on-line.

Here’s some of the comments:

  • People loved the event from 1 – 5.  Most gave us a 5 or a 4!  Yes!
  • Loved the rooms.
  • Communication about the event needed work.  Most people only found out about it via an ASUG communication.
  • Would like paper handouts of presentations to keep notes on.
  • Nothing was on time.
  • Presented information well.  To the point and didn’t waste time.
  • Would like to see more about the Windows/SQL Server Environment
  • Loved your Presentation Stype – relaxed, sense of humor, you could tell you knew your stuff
  • Kept me awake and interested.
  • BI gives problems to Basis guys everywhere!
  • Inspired to try something new.

New topics sugested:

  • Performance tunning or other performance issues.

And so what did I learn?

That I’m really, really, glad that Bhanu was the main organizer.  She handled all of the really hard things.  Like the location, the food, and getting the ASUG e-mail sent out.  A heartfelt Thank you!

I would love to put one of these on in Michigan.  If you “build it, they will come”.  So I met one person from Western Michigan.  He was from Battle Creek right around the corner from Hickory Corners.  Don’t know where Hickory Corners is?  Hickory Corners is around Grand Rapids in Michigan and my place of residence.  Very important you know.

Another SIT?

Maybe, possibly I could be the main organizer?  Am I ready for that yet?  Well maybe not until next Spring.  I’d like to see one in Western Michigan – or even central Michigan for more attendence.  Teched has to come first.  Do you know what Michigan is like in the fall and winter?  We pride ourselves on flexible weather.  Sometimes over Thanksgiving we have 2 foot of snow on the ground.  So anytime in the “winter” or close to the winter is out.  Sometimes around Christmas it is 60 and we are outside.  Sometimes reverse the two – 2 foot of snow over Christmas and none over Thanksgiving.  So without Fall and Winter, that leads me into next year in the Spring.   We’ll see how motivated I am then.

Good speakers are a must!  And I used the WIKI on how to create and SAP Inside Track a lot.  I also tried to update it with my experiences.

So you want an SAP Inside Track near you?

Do you want to have SAP Inside Track in your area?  My suggestion is to start one up!  Did you know anyone can organize one?  Well you will have a lot of volunteers to help.  I will be one of them.  We may not be onsite, but we can help you with getting started.  We may even be able to do some sessions from a far via SAP Connect.   We may be able to come to your location – you never know.  

Simple list:

  • Advertise your event
  • Good Speakers
  • Food
  • Location

The longer list is in the WIKI.  Don’t be intimated.  It really is – well – it is a big task.  But you’ll have plenty of help if you ask for it.  And remember yours truly still doesn’t know if I’ll be able to be the main organizer.  So although I suggest things like this – well it doesn’t mean I’m brave enough to do them.  I’m a really good cheerleader and helper though.

One last thing:

Didn’t get to go?  Looking for some good presentations from some great speakers?  Stop at our Chicago Inside Track WIKI.  And one of the really cool things about the Chicago Inside Track – we had it at the same time as the St. Louis one.  We got to share a couple of speakers via SAP Connect.

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  • I had a great time and a huge thank you to you, Bhanu and Molex.

    I also thank all the speakers - you, Ginger, Ina, Bala, and Ivan Femia!

    It was a great time and great experience.


  • Thanks for sharing comments from the survey. It helps everyone else to catch the tone of the event that was set, which appears to be an amazing one!

    Also, nice of you to offer your help and assistance for those thinking of initiating their own. You really are a good cheerleader..! (I'll testify!)

    • Thank you.  It's an honest offer.  If you are thinking about it - I'll do what I can to help you out.

      I believe - strongly - that activities like these are wonderful opportunities to get the experts in your backyard.  Ooops on my soap box again.

      It's just fun to do something like this -


  • Thanks for posting this blog Michelle. Wonder where the “nothing was on time” came from 🙂 I got a few emails after the event with a lot of positive comments which made all the effort worth it.  It is a great experience to organize an Inside Track: Work with a team (Michelle and Tammy are really awesome), bite your nails over logistics, get to know the speakers, network with SAP community oriented folks, learn so much new about SAP, and laugh. More than willing to offer free advice and help to anyone who wants to organize one 🙂 I just found out that we are hosting another SAP event at Molex soon
    • Yes, I wondered about that feedback too!  Really when this type of thing is put on we do have to roll with what is going on.   I believe it may refer to our switching up of the schedule.  But that's OK - If that's the worst people say.  It went off very well!

      Hope to see you soon!