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Opening an Infoview SWF with Xcelsius

<body><p>There are scenarios where an Xcelsius (read Dashboard Design) dashboard published on Infoview is required to be accessed through another Xcelsius dashboard on Infoview. I recently came across such requirement and my findings are listed here in this blog. </p><p>When a dashboard created in Xcelsius is exported to Infoview, it is stored as a SWF file. In order to call this file we need to use the DocumentDownload function in the URL. This is the standard function provided in the Xcelsius user guide. With DocumentDownload , we can open a child SWF file in a parent Xcelsius. This can be achieved by using either a Slide Show component or a SWF Loader component. The DocumentDownload URL can be stored in a cell in spreadsheet and linked to the components or directly put in the URL field of Slide Show or SWF Loader component. This URL can also be derived from Excel formula like concatenate and combination of selector components.</p><p><img  />//|height=354|alt=SWF Loader|width=537|src=!</p><p>Here is the syntax given in Xcelsius 2008 User Guide for using DocumentDownload function:</p><p>[http://<webserver>/businessobjects/enterprise115/desktoplaunch/opendoc/documentDownload?<parameter1>&<parameter2>&…&<parameterN>&CELogonToken=< | http://%3cwebserver%3e/businessobjects/enterprise115/desktoplaunch/opendoc/documentDownload?%3cparameter1%3e&%3cparameter2%3e&…&%3cparameterN%3e&CELogonToken=%3c]></p><p>For example:</p><p>[http://cdi5boe:8080/businessobjects/enterprise115/desktoplaunch/opendoc/documentDownload?iDocID=10348&sKind=Flash&CELogonToken=SERVER%408757Jxnge3URUJ8L4 | http://cdi5boe:8080/businessobjects/enterprise115/desktoplaunch/opendoc/documentDownload?iDocID=10348&sKind=Flash&CELogonToken=SERVER%408757Jxnge3URUJ8L4]</p><p>And here is the one, which worked for me:</p><p>[https://<webserver>:8443/Xcelsius/opendoc/documentDownload?iDocID=1234567&sKind=Flash&isSCELogonToken= SERVER@1662766JOLW8wxkhfrg0Mre1662760 | https://<webserver>:8443/Xcelsius/opendoc/documentDownload?iDocID=1234567&sKind=Flash&isSCELogonToken= SERVER@1662766JOLW8wxkhfrg0Mre1662760]</p><p>URL Parameters – To be customized:

0.1. Protocol: It can be https:// or http:// according to the BOE system you use.

0.2. Port: 8080 or 8443 (as your landscape).

0.3. iDocID: It is the ID or the CUID of the SWF file.

0.4. File Type: sKind must be Flash.

0.5. Logon Credentials:  CELogonToken=SERVER%408757JxmheURUJ8L4 (generated at runtime) 

BusinessObjects XI Release 3 Notes:

0.1. In Release 3, you can use the sDocName (file name) parameter as an alternative to the iDocID.

0.2. In Release 3, the DocumentDownload function is appended to read (this one worked for me): Xcelsius/opendoc/documentDownload?

Another important consideration here is to pass the CELogonToken from the parent Xcelsius to a child SWF, a Flash Variable connection is required to be added to the main dashboard. This way when you login and run the parent dashboard, system will store the logon token in the encrypted format and once you click on the child dashboard same token will be applied to it for opening.

To add a Flash Variable, go to Data Manager>Add>Flash Variables. Give a name to Connection and Range. Remember to name the Range as “CELogonToken” for passing logon details in this Flash Variable. Map this range to an Excel cell and use it to concatenate with the full URL.

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