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New SAP Mentor Cubs Summer 2011

Update: Latest addition is Henirque Pinto from SAP Brazil. We needed some extra time to finalize this and I am super happy that it worked out at the end. 

We are adding more new SAP Mentors than we ever did to the SAP Mentor Wolfpack. We have teeth, but we don’t bite. Or should it say: We have Byte, but we don’t teeth? (Everyone under 40 will not get this. You may want to check out Byte magazine. My older brother had them laying around and it definitely influence my career 😉

It is really exciting to add new SAP Mentors, as they bring in new wind, new perspectives and a great deal of contagious enthusiasm. Please keep an eye on our public SAP Mentor Monday webinar schedule, as we will soon announce the exact time and date when the introduction webinars will happen. We give every new SAP Mentor Cub 10 minutes to share their expertise, some nugget of SAP wisdom that you may not know of that will help you.   

As always, even though we are adding a record number of new SAP Mentors, there were a lot more excellent candidates that we were not able to add this time around. Please don’t be disappointed. Continue your great work in the larger SAP community. The biggest reward is to be able to help others anyhow. To all the “others” if you have been helped, make sure to thank them, let them know that they made a difference, SAP Mentor or not. Jon Reed writes about SAP Mentorship and recognition much more eloquently in the latest SAP Mentor Quarterly (page 14).

Please quiet down now for the twice-yearly drum roll as the new SAP Mentors are coming in. Keep your applause until the last one is announced, otherwise it will take forever. [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] [original link is broken] Techedge SpA Italy


Ivan is the main driver behind the Code Exchange program abap2xlms and he came all the way from Italy and spend 30 hours on route to the SAP Inside Track Chicago, to be able to present the project in person.. That is pretty amazing and thanks so much for your dedication. Together with Sergio Ferrari he is organizing the SAP Inside Track Milan happening on October 8, 2011. They both were also super active during the SAP World Tour stop in Milan. 

Paul KurchinaKurMeta Group Canada

There are only very few people as connected into SAP as Paul is. Many years of working with SAP especially in organizing the SAP Enterprise Architecture community established him as the true Connector, Analyst, and Community Catalyst in the SAP Ecosystem. His Utility Industry background is also a nice asset that he brings to the SAP Mentor table. He has an idea of worldwide SAP TechEd decompression Inside Tracks a couple of weeks after the main events, can’t wait for him to share this idea with the community.

Jarret Pazahanick EIC Experts USA

Jarret Pazahanick is an SAP HCM Certified Consultant who has specialized in SAP Human Capital Management (HCM) since 1998. He is a subject matter expert in US Payroll, the Employee Interaction Center (EIC) and Enterprise Compensation Management (ECM). He will join Martin Gillet’s as another SAP Mentor with HR background. Can’t wait for that collaboration to blossom. 

Andreas Eissmann
Data One GmbH Germany

Andreas Eißmann works as multiple certified SAP Business ByDesign solution and service advisor for Data One GmbH in Saarbrücken/Germany. As consultant, he’s responsible for CRM, PRO and cross topics like data migration, integration scenarios etc. He is one of the few that has worked intensively with the ByDesign SDK and we are happy to give him the SAP Mentor megaphone to spread his knowledge and experiences all over the world.

Chris Kernaghan Capgemini UK

Chris has over 11 years extensive SAP experience, specializing in SAP upgrades and infrastructure migrations. He has been the senior technical consultant or team lead for 14 SAP upgrades. His new focus is virtualization and Cloud infrastructure technologies. – What? You need to know about infrastructure technologies in the cloud? I thought you just put it up there. Can’t wait for him to shine some light into my cloudy ignorance around Cloud computing.

Dilek Ersoz Adak MilSoft ICT Turkey

Dilek works as an SAP HCM and BI consultant (on both technical and business perspectives) for the last seven years. Her areas of expertise include but not limited to Payroll, Personnel/Organization Management, ESS/MSS, Objective Setting and Appraisals, Business Warehouse ETL and Business Intelligence Query Development. She was the co-organizer of the first two SAP Inside Tracks in Turkey. 

[Sad side note: Even though we are adding a lot of SAP Mentors, she is the only Mentorrette. Please encourage more female SAP experts to step up to the plate and nominate them in the next round. There are amazing competent women out there, that have a lot to share with the community and SAP. Sometimes they just need a little nudge. ]

Uwe FetzerSE|38 IT-Engineering Germany

Bio: : 20 years of SAP/ABAP experience and since 14 years self employed. Please get to know Uwe, he is a super solid guy and contributed from the early days of SCN. Someone who has the ABAP transaction code as twitter handle is passionate about SAP. He is the owner of 4 SAP code exchange projects. Enough said!

Martin EnglishIndependent Consultant Australia

He started with SAP sometime last century, working on R/2. Since my introduction to R/2, I’ve worked with most releases of R/3 and most of the NetWeaver releases and products, on most of the supported Operating System / DBMS combinations. When I saw his nomination, I thought, wait he isn’t an SAP Mentor yet? Well, now he is 😉 He is also hosting the SAP Mentor daily on Twitter, which makes more sense now, that he actually is one. 

Jan Penninkhof Phoqus Netherlands

He is an experienced software architect and team leader with a wide variety of experience in various companies. Throughout his career he managed and cooperated in many IT-related projects and businesses for more than 15 years. He speaks ABAP, Java and ActionScript fluently. Jan has been active at SAP Inside Tracks, presenting as well as winning the demo jam. More details during the SAP Mentor Monday webinar.

Eric Vallo
EV Technologies USA

Eric Vallo has been working in business intelligence for almost 12 years, with other emphasis on web technologies and enterprise architecture. He has had a career which has spanned Fortune 50 and 500 companies, as well as small businesses, working in telecommunications, finance, health care, and government. Eric also founded and hosts the Diversified Semantic Layer network podcast together with fellow SAP Mentors Jamie Oswald and Greg Myers. He also has some Sybase IQ experience.

Alisdair Templeton Acclimation Pty Ltd Australia

Integration using SAP PI, including Message Modelling, Service Design, SOA Adoption, Pub/Sub with Autonomous components, and using REST as an Architectural Style. Development using ABAP, Java, Composition, BPM, Workflow, Object Oriented Design. Domain Driven Design, Test Driven Development and the application of Design Patterns. Mobile Development using both native and web based approaches – In line with this I am co-presenting an ASUG session at TechEd US which will demonstrate the development of an application based on jQuery Mobile which we will share with the class so they can “run mobility” at their company.  Sounds like an SAP Mentor worthy session to participate in.


Chris PainePresence of IT Australia

Chris’ area of expertise are technical SAP (esp. Web Dynpro ABAP and Java too), SAP HR, HR Business Process. Chris has 13 years of experience with SAP HR. Together with Neil Gardiner he beat out 4 SAP Mentors at the Demo Jam in Sydney earlier this year. Well, if you can’t beat them, let them join you 😉


Mark Chalfen Bluefin Solutions UK

Mark has been working with SAP for over 12 years. His main focus has always been around the Finance modules within ERP. Over the last few years he has been focusing on SAP FSCM which is a new product in the Finance space. Cool, someone with deep business solution knowledge. Very much appreciated in the SAP Mentor world.

Harshit Kumar Accenture India

Harshit Kumar is an SAP CRM enthusiast. He has worked with SAP Labs in Product development of 5.1, 5.2, 2007, 7.0 releases as well as on the CRM On Demand release. He has also done multiple end to end implementations for globally acclaimed clients. I am convinced that Gregor Wolf and Stephen Johannes will be happy to get an addition CRM expertise voice to influence SAP and the community with.

Tridip Chakraborthy Cognizant Technology Solutions Corp USA

Tridip has worked on multiple SAP SRM projects spanning across implementation and upgrades. He worked on various products in the SAP-SRM suite offering, configured the Supplier Self Services component (SUS), SRM-MDM catalog and SAP Sourcing and CLM applications to handle the procurement process..


Henrique Pinto Henirque Pinto SAP Brazil 

Henrique works at SAP Brasil as a presales Solution Advisor, focusing on the solution architecture of platform (NetWeaver), mobility (Sybase) and the SAP NFE (electronic invoicing) solutions.

He is working for SAP since February 2007. For South American SAP community members he is well known as one of the driving forces behind Portuguese content as well as the SAP Inside Tracks Brazil, which they are planning to have 3 this year, which is quite the ambitious goal. Good luck with that.  


Now is the time for your applause. Please welcome the new SAP Mentor Wolfpack cubs. If there is someone missing, don’t sweat it. We will ask for new nominations soon. 

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  • I was surprised to see some names here as i thought they were already part of the wolfpack. Some great diverse additions to the team. Looking forward to meet them virtually on their intro sessions.

    A welcome again to everyone.

  • Hello

    I really did think Martin English was already a SAP Mentor but then again I had the same thoughts last election when I saw some names, like euhm wasn’t he a SAP Mentor already. Nice to see he is part of the SAP Mentors wolfpack now.

    Congratz to all who made it.

    Kind regards


  • What an amazing group of people.  A special welcome for a new Mentorrette, Dilek Ersoz!  I hope to meet you at some point.  I know we are a little far away from each other.

    A special welcome from me to Ivan Femia.  He made SAP Inside Track Chicago.  What a long exhausting trip.  He basically got off the plane and then presented!

    I have not met a lot of the other mentors.  But I’m looking forward to it!



  • I also offer my warmest welcome to the newest SAP Mentors.  This is quite a high honor and great responsibility, which I’m sure you appreciate, being among the “top” 100 of 2.5 million SCN members.  Most importantly, have FUN while you enjoy the cameraderie of the group that is influencing and guiding SAP and the broader SAP Community of customers, partners, suppliers, and expert individuals.  I look forward to seeing you at SAP TechEd!

    Mark Yolton

  • Congratulations to all the new Mentors.  Looking at the names, I’m really happy to see people who regularly contribute their valuable thoughts, opinions and links on Twitter and SCN. 
    Also really happy to see 3 new Aussies added to the wolfpack.  That makes for a very decent representation of Mentors in Australia (I count 10, if you also include Krishna who is on assignment in Melbourne).
    Very much looking forward to the Intro webinar, and also meeting everyone at TechEd!

    PS. Like Mark points out, it is a shame we did not see more Mentorettes announced.  It would be great to see an Aussie Mentorette added to the pack soon!

  • …but especially to the new Aussie SAP Mentors.

    Truly a reflection on the hard work, and great value, that you all add on a daily basis. Hat’s off to you all.


  • WOW, what a fine list! So many genuine and brilliant people. Happy I have had the chance to meet some of you already! All I’m gonna say is well-deserved, congrats and looking forward to run with you. 🙂

    [steps aside for the next person in line]

  • welcome and congratulations to the new SAP Mentors.  There must be something special in the water in Australia.  I was always embarrassed when I saw people like Alisdair, Chris and Martin who were not SAP Mentors because they deserved to be.  It will be very crowded on stage if SAP invite the SAP Mentors to be part of the World Tour in future.  I think Martin you will be required to wear shoes.
  • Congratulations and welcome to the SAP Mentors group. Exciting to see some people who I know, some I’ve met online and just emailed. Looking forward to collaborating with you 🙂


  • We’ll need you all to report to Walldorf on Thursday night at 7 with a plain white tube sock, a bag of marshmallows (any brand will do, only get the mini-ones if you are a masochist), and a signed copy of “Next Generation ABAP Development: First Edition”. Knock on the backdoor. Knock on the backdoor and ask for HASSO.

    Seriously, though congrats. Can’t wait to see what becomes of all of you.

    And that sock had better be sparkling white…

  • Welcome to the SAP Mentors, you all deserved it. Hope to see some of you at TechEd.

    Wow, 3 from Australia, makes now 10. Can a Aussie Mentor that comes to TechEd Las Vegas bring me some of the water? 🙂


  • Mark,
    1) My intro was the only one that referenced R/2,
    2) I not only got the Byte reference, but bought the magazine before it went web-only (or was that Dr Dobbs ??)

    I’m starting to think that, in my case, being a mentor will be more a case of an old dog learning new tricks 🙂

    While I’m here, congratulations to all the new Mentors, especially the other Aussies – Chris Paine (aka @Wombling) and Alisdair Templeton.

  • What an amazing group! You make every mentor proud to be associated with the SAP Mentors group and I can’t wait to meet those of you I have not. To the rest, you already WERE mentors and it’s great it’s finally official. Party!
  • A big thank you to everyone for the wonderful welcome. I must say i feel really humbled by the honor.

    Special thanks goes to Stephen for his extraordinary support on CRM forums.

    Harshit Kumar

  • It was exciting when I found out over the weekend that I would be joining the mentors as I have alot of respect for the program as well as many of the individuals.

    Special thanks to Aslan as it was amazing with how quickly we were included and brought into the loop as I was even able to partially attend a call with Sanjay Poonen this afternoon.

    From the outside looking in, the Mentors group and program were impressive and after day 1 on the inside looking out even more so.

  • Heartiest congratulations to all!!!
    I have been reading blogs and now know many of the new mentors (by name and photos of course).


  • When i got the mail from Aslan, it was difficult to sink it in, but then I quickly rolled up the feeling into my sleeves as I had to attend a secret Mentor call 🙂 set up by Mark and Aslan
    The biggest and the most challenging aspect that I see being on-boarded is to really carry the baton alongside, great like minded folks like you all @SAPMentors…
    Cheers and thanks for such a warm welcome
    Regards @tridipchakra
  • Dear SAP mentors,

    SDNites would be happy and gratified if you share the perseverance and out of box work or likewise that you all have been doing to reach here.It would be motivational and inspirational for all.