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How to Cover Your Basis

I am excited to announce the first of what will hopefully be a long series of podcasts dedicated to SAP technologies, with an emphasis on administration and infrastructure. The podcast is called Cover Your Basis, and will only be successful with the contribution of many in the community.

In the first episode, available in both video and audio formats via iTunes or at the Cover Your Basis website, I am joined by Courtney Bjorlin of ASUG News to talk about the great content ASUG News has to offer to anyone interested in SAP, not just ASUG members.

Next, I talk with Jon Reed of, an SAP Mentor and long-time SAP community member to discuss some things Basis Administrators can do to be successful, as well as what to look for at the upcoming SAP TechEd conference.

Lastly, I welcome Chris Kernaghan of Capgemini Consulting. Chris brings many years of Basis experience to the conversation and talks about some of his recent projects, including the combined upgrade and unicode conversion (check out his brilliant blog series on that topic Architecting an SAP Upgrade and Unicode conversion (CUUC Series Part 1)), as well as efforts to utilize the Amazon public cloud. (On a side note, I just found out Chris is a freshly minted New SAP Mentor Cubs Summer 2011 – congratulations, Chris!)

You can watch the video podcast here:


Or, feel free to subscribe in iTunes to the audio or video podcasts.

And please visit Cover Your Basis for Basis-related content, including additional podcasts coming in the near future!

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    • Derek, you're an honorary Basis Admin! 🙂 Besides, one of these days, I want to have a BObj overview for SAP geeks, and you'll have to be a guest then!
  • Hello David

    It's great to see more #sapadmin related content on SCN. The podcast is nice, it has good sound quality.

    I found Jon's view on the future of system administration very interesting and I also believe that the role of a system administrator should go beyond operational work.

    I'm looking forward to future episodes.

    Kind regards


    • Thanks, Tom, and I agree - Jon's got some great commentary about ways to be a better Basis Admin. Sometimes it's best to look outside your standard channels to see fresh perspectives - all of us have room for improvement, and I'm of the opinion that all suggestions are appreciated, even (especially?) if it's not from a source you would have thought to solicit for input. 🙂
  • I love the podcast.  I really like that it is here in a blog and I can find it quickly.  That leads into my request.  There is some of the podcast that I would like to get to quickly.   Because my time is limited - yes everyone's is.  Could you publish similiar to what Jon Reed does - a table of contents. Similiar to:

    Then I have the time to get to the information I want very quickly. 

    Non-Basis person - but love this,


    • Thanks, Michelle, that's a great suggestion! I had initially planned to do that, but I must admit, there were so many things to learn and figure out for this first podcast, that a few of my plans simply fell by the wayside as I ran out of time, or just forgot. But I'll make sure to do that next time! 🙂