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Blog – It’s a Blog – What else could it be?? An introduction to our MQ!

Well – I started thinking – never a good thing – on my way into work today.  I was supposed to be done with this blog for the second MQ yesterday.  Oh but what to write?  How could I get you interested enough to stop over and read it?

Well – first thing – first.   MQ is Mentor’s Quarterly.  With how busy EVERYONE – including you – are.  It gets pushed out a little.

Second – the Line up what is in MQ:

  • Work from home – Michelle Crapo
  • Blagbert – Blag of course
  • The other side of town – Matthias Steiner
  • Reflections on Leadership, SAP Mentors, and the Pitfalls of Recognition – Jon Reed
  • Observations on Sustainability from Down Under – Greg Myers
  • My sister, My Mentor – Susan Keohan
  • SAP University Alliance Updates – Tammy Powlas
  • How is it to find your SCN Contributions all around the Internet – Otto Gold
  • Days of DKOM 2011 Palo Alto Style – Tammy Powlas’

I hope I have all the articles listed.  There were many this time.  There is a diverse group of people from many places around the world working on getting this out!  We would LOVE to hear your comments.  Did you hate the MQ it?  Loved it?  Why?  I struggled with the work at home article.  So – was it horrible?  Was there an article that jumped out, and you thought – Hey they are talking about me?  Was there one that you thought – get real this is junk.  Leave a comment after the article.   There is not better driver than finding out people are reading the MQ.

So what do you want to hear?  Who would you like to hear from?  This MQ is done with you, dear reader, in mind.  If you don’t want to leave a comment about the MQ article, because nothing really sounds interesting.  Leave it here!

Otto Gold is always looking for ideas, suggestions, and new articles.  He is amazing.  Our editor in chief.   Tammy and Mathias have been hanging in there since the beginning another – big thank you!  BUT what do you have in mind?  Do you want to know more of what the mentor’s are up to?

Hey – what is a mentor?  Never heard of them.  It’s always fun to pick up this “article” – really more like a newspaper – and read about what they are doing, what they are thinking… AND MORE!

So hopefully I’ve made you think about stopping by and reading this.

BUT I DID POST THIS IN A RANT CATAGORY – So now I get to rant.  You’ve got to admit the first part was “nice”.


We had very little comments on the first MQ.   That means either you are reading it, and not leaving comments or you just haven’t read it.  AHHHHHHHHHH!  We need to know.   Hated it?  Let us know.  If no one is reading – why are we making the effort of putting it together.   Are YOU one of the silent masses?  Think about leaving a comment.  I know it’s hard.   But it’s OK we all have tough skins – leave a comment.  I always say if I touched one person it was worth it.  Even if I just make them think.

How do we know what to write?

We write what we want!  Yes, what we want.  Is that correct?  NO.  We should be writing to an audience, you!  Have you read the Social Media: Are you a hunter-gatherer or farmer??  Go take a look.  It’s one that talks about reading, consuming, and how the author should know where / what to write about.  Leave a comment, and take the time to think – what are you?  How do people like me know where to write on the WWW.  We could go anywhere.  But we are addressing you the SCN crowd.  You are important to us.

Now you can skip the rest of the blog if you don’t want to listen to be ranting – jumping on a soap box.


Do you know how much time it takes to do something like this.  Well for me – not as much.  For Tammy more, for Otto more, for our authors more.  Do you feel guilty yet?  Remember this is my rant – so I get to say what I’m thinking.  So take the time – short time to go read an article from the MQ.  Just one would be good.  Perhaps nothing interests you.  Then take the time to say so. 


Why do we do it?  Why am I writing this blog?  I’m not really sure.  I’m just happy to know people are reading, are thinking, are debating something I said.   Maybe I’m completely wrong.  Probably at times I am.  But I reserve the right to debate with you!

Remember I am ranting at this point

I have seen less blogs – do you know in one day – in all categories there can be only 10 blogs.  And that is a good day.  You must have something to say.  Even if it is only ranting, even if it saying something in SCN needs to be fixed – say it.

Next rant point

Have you been to idea place?  Some people have – some have not.  It is the place where you are in charge.  Submit ideas from ERP changes you would like to SCN changes.   Stop!  Take a look.  I don’t notice many people voting there.  Maybe they just don’t like to vote.  All you have to do is click thumbs up or thumbs down.  That’s it.  It takes little to no time.

Last –

Welcome, welcome to SCN where you can express your opinions.  Rant when needed, and find some like minded people.  Enjoy!

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    • Oh I hope it's not just mentors that read it!  That would be bad.

      OK - I'm a twitter idiot.  Sorry.  I rarely use it.  I can't use it at work.  I bet one of the other people that put it on know exactly what you are talking about.

      I don't.  So what is a twitterati?

      Thank you,


    • Hi Greg,
      It is produced by the mentors, but meant for all people out there. If you think the texts are not interesting for the "average" reader, for all our friends on SCN, please help us improve it.
      Too much effort goes into it to do that for other mentors. And my personal goal is to share things the mentors are thinking or talking about, not to promote myself or the mentors.
      Hope you like it, hope others will like it as well.
      Thanks for the comment,
      cheers Otto
  • Hello Michelle

    I read MQ articles but I don't necessarily read all of the articles. In general I like the idea of a magazine but I have to admit when I have to choose between a digital magazine and a podcast or audiobook I prefer audio or a real magazine.

    Most interesting in this MQ was Jon's article as I'm currently reading the book "evil plans" by Hugh MacLeod of and SAP Mentors, tribes and leadership are topics that highly interest me.

    Your homework article is fine as are your blogs, to the point and most important they reflect you. My customers are very flexible when it comes to homework. I worked from home gor three weeks in a row when the roof of my house was being rebuild (after it got damaged in a storm).

    Kind regards


    • Great feedback!  Thank you. Yes, I hate to admit it, but honestly I just skim through some of the articles and read others.  Eventually I read them all.  Just not enough time usually.  Much like I do in a paper magazine sent to me.

      Mmmmm....  podcast or audiobook.  That's a thought.  Real magazine - well we are not funded.  Really no surprise there.  Everyone simply volunteers their time.   So to make it a "real" magazine would be impossible.  Plus just think, this is much more "green".  No killing trees to make the magazine.

      I'm glad you found some of it interesting.  I love that your customers are flexible.  It makes for a nice work environment.  What is better than hanging out and doing all your work in your home environment.  If no webex, maybe in some sweatpants - no dress code there.

      Talk to you more in cyberspace - hope to have the chance to meet you at some time!


      What do you think about starting a subscription list?  When it comes out then send an e-mail?  Personally, since I like to blog, that seems easier to me.

  • Thank you for the replies here, and  reviews/ratings at the article site.  It makes me happy.  We touched at least that one person.  Success!
  • Hi Michelle, It's always a pleasure reading your rants on diverse topics. You bring a fresh perspective and are inspiring in many ways. The thing I like most abt. your blogs is the peppy tone, it never fails to engage!