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Why Does This Blog?

I’ve found that readers of my other blogs have appreciated knowing what I think I am doing. Here is why I offer this blog, and what you can expect to find in it:

  • Sustainability is an important area of concern for all businesses,  whether they are going green or not. I try to raise awareness about “green” issues.
  • Even at a rather green firm like SAP, many community members have only a vague understanding of green issues and how these green challenges can be addressed. I try to share how others have dealt with the challenges of “green”, and my own insights based on decades of experience.
  • Companies have more and The Green Data Firehose: Where Is All This Green Data Coming From? to deal with, and IT will have to figure out how to help them. I call attention to how firms are meeting these green data management needs.
  • All companies can save money by reducing energy use, wasteful materials and water use, and so on. Examples and counterexamples can be instructive.
  • “Clean Tech” is a hot area for startup businesses and investors. What is going on in cleantech that is of interest to the IT community?
  • No company is perfect. Politely noting defects in sustainability attitudes or programs is healthy. These are “teaching moments”.
  • Sustainability products and services are one of SAP’s fastest-growing lines of business. Yet there was not much being published under “sustainability” at SCN blogs.
  • I believe the SAP community can benefit from hearing what competitors are doing in sustainability.
  • I am just interested in how businesses are dealing with sustainability, green, and environmental challenges. Some of my more general thoughts get published at Doc’s Green Blog, but those that are of more specialized interest to the IT community, and I hope to the SAP Community Network, will appear here.
  • Corny as it sounds, there can be value in the elders of the tribe sharing their insights with the next generations.
  • You will not find (much) ranting about global warming and the like. It may or may not be the challenge of the age and we may be headed for A Very Different Earth. But it is enough for us to be aware of, acknowledge, and perhaps address, the negative externalities of our actions where we can given our own circumstances. Handwringing gets us nowhere.
  • Blog posts are a rather informal kind of writing. They will not be as complete or as tightly written as a scientific paper or a sonnet. And remember, I have no editor. Expect some posts (this one, for example) to be somewhat incomplete or idiosyncratic. The sometimes-complex sentences and elaborate wordyness are just my style. But believe me there there is always more that I could have said and which I restrained myself from saying to keep the posts reasonably short and sweet (although this sentence and the last may not be good examples of this).
  • Remember, if you disagree or have something to add or correct you can use the comment feature! And suggestions are always welcome.
  • Have fun, learn, and share. That is what I am doing when I write this blog, and that is what I hope my readers can usually do when they read it.
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  • Your reasons for blogging aside for a minute...I'm thoroughly enjoying the information you have been disseminating thus far on SCN, keep them coming please!
  • Thanks for the content you have posted thus far.
    I also think this blog is a good one. As a new member, it helps everyone to know a bit more about you and your objectives for engaging in the community.