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How SAP SLCM has helped Universities/Institutes improve Student Processes & Efficiencies?

 The basic principle behind deployment of any ERP especially SAP is to get a certain degree of improvement in student processes specially admin processes. Though, one can’t deny that deployment of such a huge ERP also helps in gaining upper hand on competitors in terms of efficiency. Competitors, yes they do matter in deciding the policy of an organization whether it is a manufacturing organization or educational institute. You have to attract more and more students to run it in profit and in the meantime to follow the ethics towards society set by world of academia. The question which might toggle in the minds of decision makers is “How SAP helps me to improve the student related processes for my University or institute”. The answer is not simple at all. The fundamentals of efficiently combining labor resulting from admin and teaching staff, material used for functioning of university, and outside services within a University to deliver a world-class education are universal and apply to all Universities and institutes. The details and emphases on admin processes may differ, but the fundamental workflow processes are the same.

SAP SLCM helps to cut down risk, facilitates marketing information on time every time, improve processes by improving efficiencies etc.

Below checklist outlines the processes which can be improved by SLCM:

1. Use all the workflow processes involves around your Cs and Ds.

2. Helps in planning Resources by designing clash free schedules.

3. Refine your examination planning settings.  

4. Helps in handling cash and grants inflows and outflows.

5. Manage the bottlenecks related to complicated Admin processes.

6. Update reports in real time.

Enjoy seamless integration of Student processes and Planning with SAP SLCM.   It captures costing accurately; going down much deeper into sub processes and thus helps you in finding the areas of improvement. As i said earlier…it’s better to run a full class than half.

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  • Well - I'm probably the wrong person to be reading this but it was interesting.  (I had to look up what SLCM was...)

    It would have been great if you put some examples around each point.

    For example:

    1. Use all the workflow processes involves around your Cs and Ds.

    What / Which workflow did you use?  How did it help?  What benefit can you say you got from it?  A personal story would be great!

    I love a good story!  Keep up the blogging.  It made me take some time to look something up!


    • Hi Michelle,
      Thanks for the feedback.
      The C's and D's in an University or Institute involves your Course, Curriculam, Calendar,Counselor,College,Communications,Collaboration chat rooms,Class, Centres, Council, Credits, Department, Dean, Degree etc.
      I used workflow for admission application management, Notifications for fee, admissions and result declaration etc.
      Will include a story in next post.
      • Perfect thanks for the quick answer to the uneducated person in SLCM.  Now I know.  C's and D's and the workflow process.

        I look forward to your next post.  Is it a custom workflow?  One that was delivered?  Do you have an administrator watching for breaks in the workflow?

        Questions - questions - I know you'll answer these and more in the next blog!  I love reading blogs.  I learned something too - that's always a good thing.