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Crystal-Reports (2008) – TOC (Table Of Content) Characteristics & Functionality

Crystal Reports 2008- TOC (Table of Content) Characteristics & Functionality


1)      Customizing the TOC Name

Generally, the TOC captures the data name of the field, on which the Grouping is done.

E.g. If we have created 2 groups at the Crystal report namely

a) Employee Name

b) DOB (Employee)

For the above created groups, TOC will have Employee Name (e.g. Ashish, Ravi —–) as the first TOC node followed by the 2nd group data DOB (e.g. 7/6/1981, 4/12/1985…) as the second TOC node.

Now if we want to have a 2nd node TOC to display a customized TOC name at the TOC level such as (Employee Name – DOB), then we can achieve the same by below actions

1)      Go to the Group Expert

2)      Select the 2nd Group (Any Group which requires a Customize name at the TOC level) and click on the Option tab.

3)      At the Option Tab check on the customize name for the selected group check Box.

4)      A new window with functions, fields and operators will open up.Add the below code to the new window.

Employee Name + “– “+ cstr (DOB) (All the data needs to be converted to String)

 5) Finally save the customized name and click on the OK Tab.

Result: – TOC will have the first node as EMP Name and 2nd Node values as customized value set by us. (EMP NAME – DOB)

E.g.  First node – Ashish

Second Node – Ashish – 7/6/1981


2)      TOC Highlight at the report level for data displayed at the Detail Section of the Report


One of the characteristics of TOC node is that when the user clicks on the node, it traverses to the Data corresponding to that node value at the report level, by highlighting the TOC node at the Report.

To have the TOC node get displayed at the report level it is mandatory to have the node data appear at the Group level.


In order to highlight the data at the detail section we need to do the below actions


1)      Create a Group header preceding the Detail section.

2)      Place the Group Field at the Group Header section just above the corresponding Field displayed at the detail section which needs to be highlighted.(Note:- Both the fields should be the same fields from the Database)

3)      Make the Size of the Field at the detail section and Group Header section equal . Right click on the field and select same size option to acheive it.

4)      Make the font color of the field at the Group Header section as white.

5)      Now, we would be required to go to the Section expert and select the newly created Group Header section.

6)     At the selected Group Header section, we would be required to check on the “Underlay Following section” check box.

7)      Click OK and we are ready to have the TOC Highlight working for the data placed at the detail section at the report level.


NOTE: – The TOC Highlight Property only works at the HTML Preview or for the reports hosted on web and not at the default preview of the Crystal Reports

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