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Back-to-Back SAP Inside Tracks #SAPITNSQ

SAP Inside Track Newtown Square 2011 was held Friday, August 12th.  How was it this year compared to last year’s Inside Track Newtown Square?  Unfortunately I didn’t attend as many sessions as I would have liked this year but I really enjoyed myself again.  This year too I saw higher online participation, which is always a good thing.


Getting from Virginia to Newtown Square, Pennsylvania


Source: Google Maps

I left my house at 4:30 a.m. Friday morning  as Google Maps said it would take 2 hours and 52 minutes to get to Newtown Square.  Fortunately, I had no traffic tie ups anywhere (quite unusual for I-95 north) so I made it in 2 hours and 20 minutes and stopped at Starbucks.



I saw Marilyn Pratt, Greg Myers, Derek Loranca, John Appleby, Jeanne Carboni, Sylvia Santelli, John Astill, master of ceremonies Rich Heilman, Chip Rodgers and I met Jay Riddle for the first time.    I am sure there are names I am forgetting here.  Cathy Kenlin, ASUG Supply Chain Management volunteer, also attended and so did Thomas Justin, ASUG New Jersey Chapter Chair.


Chip Rodgers provided an overview of the New SCN as described inMark Yolton’s blog and the upcoming events, especially TechED. 


Next Mike Golz, who is SAP CIO of North America, discussed SAP’s IT strategy and how SAP “eats its own dog food” by using their own products, including CO-PA HANA.  He offered to help and engage with customers.  He was also a sponsor for this Inside Track so we say thanks Mike!

Some of the Sessions I attended

I attended SAP Mentor Greg Myers’ session Planning for Peak Performance with SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform.  If you missed this great session, you can attend this SCN webinar online on Wednesday, August 17 – this is an SCN Business Analytics Webinar.  Register here.


This is Greg Myers presenting his session.

Then over 80+ people (and 30 people online) attended John Appleby’s HANA session. What was interesting too about this session was the online chat interaction.


Here’s a picture of John at the end of the day as we’re listening to Rich Heilman wrap up the day:


I included this photo of John as Marilyn expressed concern that she didn’t get any pictures of him.


ASUG BI Influence Councils  or…Night at the Improv?

In a fun session Derek Loranca and I discussed ASUG BI Influence Councils.  Derek and I had no rehearsal on this; on Monday I sent him 25 slides and we’re presenting 53 slides that I had not seen before this session.  “Your turn, Derek”  “No, I think it is your turn”. 


I want to thank Sylvia Santelli for moderating our sessions.  The message Derek and I both had to share are that ASUG Influence councils are the best value of being an ASUG member.



Marilyn & Me:

Last year I attended SAP Mentor Stephen Johannes’ Meet an SCN Moderator networking session at SAP TechEd Las Vegas.  Borrowing this idea from Stephen I approached Marilyn Pratt about doing a round table like session where we heard from the community about blogging on SCN.  Marilyn discussed the Jive migration and future incentives for top contributors.  I hope we see more new bloggers on SCN; I spoke of the encouragement that Marilyn and Jim Spath gave me when I first started blogging on SCN.


Greg Myers provided several blogging suggestions for improvements that I hope he puts in Idea Place.  Greg Misiorek, who is very active on SCN, also attended this session and asked questions.  He drove all the way from Connecticut.


Special thanks to Anne-Katrin Hempel, who moderated this session and always told us when to speak up.


The Session so Nice He Covered it Twice

I want to thank SAP Mentor John Astill, who did his Gateway presentation twice since there was a speaker cancellation.  John had no PowerPoint slides – he did live coding in his session “Creating Mobile Applications with SAP Gateway Odata Channel”. 



While I didn’t get to attend Peter McNulty’s sessions it was good to see him in person.  If you are attending SAP TechED I highly recommend his  ASUG pre-con session Realizing Value Throughout the Lifecycle of a Business Process.  I have attended Peter’s ASUG pre-conference sessions before and they are not to be missed.


Michelle Crapo calls SAP Inside Tracks a “free mini TechED”.  They are about networking and community sharing.  I want to thank Rich Heilman and the team for organizing this and thank you SAP for sponsoring this great event.

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  • Hi Tammy,

    Nice summary.

    I tried to attend online from a corner of Atlanta. It was not as good and exciting as when I attended Chicago event in person. I wish I attended Phil event in person. I know it would have been an awesome experience. Had I attended in person, I would have returned to Atlanta fully recharged.

    At any rate, this week was different at work(this was another reason why I decided not to attend Phil event). I'm really doing some interesting work on Oracle's "COMPRESS FOR OLTP" - reduced DB size 50%. I'm planning to present in ASUG event in Atlanta in October. So I'm not feeling that bad about missed Phil opportunity.

    Best regards,

    • Hi Vitaliy - thank you for commenting.  It was a great event!

      SAP recorded the sessions and will make them available soon!

  • It was a great recap.  It sounds like a great learning, networking time!  (Local to some Mini Teched - how cool is that?)

    See you all in Vegas!


  • Hi Tammy,

    It was nice meeting you in person and thank you for providing this summary for the rest of the SDN community. First workflow and now SAP Query, you have been great at showing quick benefits that SAP has been offering for a long time, but which may not be showing up in the latest marketing brochures as they are taken for granted.

  • Tammy, it was such a pleasure to see you again and so glad I could be of some use during your sessions!

    See you in Vegas!

    PS- and do I understand that Greg Misiorek aka @greg_not_so was there, and I didn't even get to say hello! Can't recognize a profile picture when there is no face...hopefully next time!

  • Yours! - I was attending online from Australia - it got a little bit late in the end so I tuned out before John's HANA session - but I did get to see you presenting on using good old SAP Query with a Business Objects tooling over the top to give nice looking results. (EhP5 functionality)

    An excellent re-look at an area that I'd pretty much dismissed as being redundant technology.

    Was definitely a highlight of my online visit.



    • Wow, Chris, thank you for your kind words and thank you for attending my session.

      Very much appreciated.  Yes, I was speaking at Alistair speed as we started 10 minutes late and I needed to finish 50 minutes past, but I was relieved I made it through all the material.


  • Hi Tammy,

    Thanks for the great recap of Friday's event!  I really appreciated being able to attend some of the sessions online.  Am looking forward to the next one.

    Best Regards,

  • Thanks for the blog Tammy. I have seen you working at SAPITCHI: wielding 4 gadgets at the same time, one ear on the speaker and the other on the conversation with the person next to you. No wonder you can get so much done and be omnipresent 🙂

    This was the first time I attended online and though sometimes the audio went missing, it was a great experience. Learned a lot on Rich's and Marilyn's sessions that I attended! Thanks to all organizers and SAP.