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Learn about Integrating with StreamWork at SAP TechEd 2011

Have you ever wondered how to bring collaboration to process-driven work that is usually done in some classical ERP solutions? It is not that difficult: you simply need to integrate SAP StreamWork with your existing solution.

You can integrate with SAP StreamWork in basically two ways: you can develop additional tools that can be used within a StreamWork activity or your can integrate your solution by accessing SAP StreamWork via the StreamWork REST API. In our Wiki you will already find a lot of information that will get you going in no time. You will find “Getting Started ” documents and some guided code samples. The samples which are provided in our Wiki are currently either shell scripts or written in Python. As an experience ABAP developer you might ask: where are the ABAP samples?

The session “PMC223 – Developing Collaborative Solutions with SAP StreamWork” will use ABAP samples to demonstrate how to integrate with SAP StreamWork via the REST API.  You don’t have to be an ABAP developer to be able to understand the session. The basic concepts and steps  are independent of the programming language and it should be simple to translate the ABPA coding into your language of choice.

So what will you learn in the session?

  • The session will start with a short introduction of SAP      StreamWork to bring everybody on the      same page. If you want to know more your should attend “PMC113 –      Collaborative Decision Making in the Enterprise with SAP StreamWork
  • Before being able to      integrate with SAP StreamWork using the REST API you will need to master      OAuth. We will have an introduction to OAuth concepts. But we also want to see OAuth in action and we will explain      and demo some coding which handles OAuth.
  • Finally we will access      SAP StreamWork using the REST API using OAuth to authenticate our calls.

In case you already want to get a sneak preview at the coding that we will use, you can have a look at Code Exchange (or access it via SVN).

You will find the sessions mentioned above by following the links below:

Las Vegas



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