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Get me SCN and Solution Manager on my Mobile.

I am quite excited about my new phone,  my first android phone, HTC Sensation. Well I had to boast about by new mobile, but the exciting part about it is called “The Andriod”.  And I cant help thinking about explosive combination of SAP and Andriod could be . After browsing thousands of Andriod applications and using hundreds of them, now I have 2 more andriod applications on my wish list.


As a Basis Admin there are two things that I use the most: one is SAP CCMS monitoring (to identify problems) and other is SCN (to solve the problems). I would love to access  both these platforms on a move . What better solution we have then to bring them on mobile.



Let’s bring SCN to Mobile:

The entire social world is on mobile –  why is our SAP community Network lagging behind ?

I found couple of android apps for browsing blogs and forums. And they were absolutely worthless; I would prefer android browser to browse SCN. 


I don’t mind admitting that I am a nerd. I would love to browser SCN blogs , articles and wiki from my mobile. Answering a few questions on SCN forum while on the move,  to help few troubled souls,  would make me feel good .  And trust me , most of the admins would  enjoy it more  than browsing Facebook or twitter from my mobile.  


Let’s bring Solution Manager to mobile:

Another thing that mobile device have achieve , is that it has bought everything close to each other. Everyone is connected ; the world is getting smaller.  Why not bring administrators closer to their servers?   


The fact is there are already few open-source SSH, FTP and VPN clients available for Andriod. Now lets connect Solution Manager to Mobile. To be honest I have been a huge fan of solution manger, beacuse the possibilities with it are fascinating.  


Complete administration of SAP systems on a mobile device night not be possible, but monitoring of SAP systems on a mobile device is surely possible.   There are already apps that monitor list of servers and will sound off an alarm to wake you if one of the servers seems to be down. Same thing needs to be done with SAP s/w servers.


Besides availability there are other critical health check that has always been pain points of Basis administrators. Bring all of the CCMS monitoring alerts to mobile. With this most critical checks can be monitored on mobile. Some of them are tablespace size, free disk space, failed backups, failed updates etc. Best part is that it will get immediate attention of the admin.


With such innovation he/she can walk around freely, with only a mobile in his pocket to worry about.


Idea is to bring SCN and Solution Manager to Mobile and have fun.


How about getting entier SAP GUI on mobile devices? I know its easily said then done. But sooner or later this will be provided by SAP or some talented developer. 

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