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So you’ve decided to go to Teched!

I’m doing a little dance for you.  It’s my Happy dance.   Teched is just so much fun!  So many people to meet so much to do.  So are you a first timer?  Is this your 100th Teched?    New to SAP?  Old Timer?   Innojam or not to Innojam?

h2. Purpose

Every blog must have a purpose.  So what is the purpose of this one?  Chaos – of course.   Seriously it will be strange.  I’ve got a lot to cover in one small blog.  So why do it this way?  I’ve got a lot of blogs I’ve been wanting to write, and very little time.  So this is just getting added to one blog.

h2. Last question – first Innojam

I’m not going to put all the links here.  You can find them just by doing a quick search.  All the reasons to Innojam.   So you will make that decision based upon the information you find!

What I do want to add – because I haven’t seen it in a blog.  I might have just missed it.  Is that Innojam needs ideas!   You probably have a good idea that is around gamification in the company world.  If you do – and I know you do – go to Idea Place.   In case you haven’t been there – it’s one of the tabs on the top of the page.  Or simply click here .

Then scroll down the page and click on the Innojam at your location.  Click on it. 


Scroll down to the end of the page, and read the ideas already proposed.  There are some really good ones.  Vote for them.  Want to see them at Innojam thumbs up.  Hate them thumbs down.  That way if there are too many submitted then the most popular will be selected.  You can even comment on them.  How cool is that?


So you have an idea.   At the top of the page, there is a submit an idea button.  Click it and you are ready to go!


Last question to first – New to SAP?  Old Timer?

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  • I would love to be part of intelligent chaos and would love to be chaotic as well.
    All this blogs are just adding to the excitment and charm of teched.

    This time we will have Jim visit Bangalore..Certainly something new will be learnt from him....



    • Yes!   I'm glad you think Teched is a good place to go.  I sure do love it.  The chaos - the buzz - the "boiling cauldron of expertise and fun"  Greg Chase quote.   It is a great time.

      I do remember being a little lost the first time.  But I quickly found a place where like minded people gathered.

      Do think about Innojam - it's going to be a blast!  Plus you get to start small into the chaos.  Less chaos - more one on one time.

      Sorry I won't see you in Vegas - but glad to hear you are going to Bangalore!