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Behind the Scenes of the new SAP Community Network!

With the SCN Team hard at work on the Better. Faster. Stronger.   The SAP Community Network … Coming Soon on a New, Modern Platform!, I wanted to share the inside scoop with you, as members of the SAP Community, about some of the “cool tool” features and key benefits that you will soon experience.  


In the coming weeks, we will be introducing an ensemble of new features and functions via our new “Tip in a Minute” blog series to give you some practical ways to get the most out from this upgraded, updated, and modernized platform.   


In the meantime, here is a “teaser” video which offers a glimpse into what you can expect:  



(Please Note: Features and site design for SCN’s implementation are currently under development; i.e, it won’t look exactly like this…)


We didn’t just pick off a few “off-the-cuff” enhancements.  Members spoke and we listened.  In fact, the new, modern platform features are based on member-requested enhancements.   


Just some of the new things you will be able to do include:

  • Follow topics you care about
  • Publish blog posts with ease (wow! finally!)
  • Follow experts on your topic
  • Indicate high quality content (Like, Rate, Bookmark)
  • View enhanced member profiles
  • A new, multi-faceted search
  • See trending content and people
  • And many more…


I’m sure you will be as excited as I am with what is to come later this year.


We are confident that this new modern platform will make engaging in the SAP Community an improved experience for our members, partners, customers, and individuals; it will redefine and expand what you can do in the SAP Community, while keeping you connected.


Let us know what you think!

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  • Mark,

    I don't have words to explain my excitement. SDN already rocks.

    I would like to share a personal story:

    I've been working as technical hands-on person for 20+ years. 10+ years ago, I developed a desire to become a public speaker  . I attended a few Dale Carnegie courses in order to improve self-confidence and speaking skills. I also started reading books . To my disappointment, nothing worked. Actually those classes and books had a negative impact on me. So I decided not to worry about becoming public speaker; instead I tried to enjoy doing what I am good at: just do technical stuff, stay as hands-on person for ever. I didn't like that thought; I didn't have any other option I decided.

    Two years ago(July, 2009 to be precise) - I don't know what motivated me - I started writing blogs and posting comments in And I was not even blogging regularly. Actually I had more fun commenting on other blogs than writing original one:(. And then I attended TechEd last year after debating the usefulness of TechEd with Michelle, Jon R and others in I also attended first-ever Innovation Weekend in LV. My life has changed since.For Ever.

    Let me explain what happened this year:

    1) I submitted proposals to speak in Inside Track Event 2011 in Chicago. The organizing committee (Bhanu and Michelle) accepted them . Incredible. I met Bhanu for the first time in Chicago when I went there to speak. She told me she accepted my proposals based on participation(virtual interaction) in SDN. And I didn't disappoint her. I did extremely well(surprise personally). Michelle was not even surprised with that based on our interaction in LV last year.

    2) I attended Mobility InnoJam in July. There again I championed my ideas and also presented our app in front of 50+ people. SDN has empowered me.

    I've come out of my shell. I'm not living in a tiny world anymore. I'm feeling sooo good about that. At this point, I don't see anything keeping me from accomplishing what I want.

    SDN, T H A N K   Y  O  U  for everything you've done to me! I want you to know you changed my life forever.

    SDN doesn't intimidate new members. Actually SDN encourages them. I believe that is the most important and critical driver behind SDN's success.

    Best regards,

    • Hello Bala

      Nice speech, I agree SDN encourages new community members to step up, contribute, connect and empowers them in many ways.

      I started blogging at the end of last year and I have to say becoming active on SCN changed me. From my perspective and for that matter my customers perspectives in a positive way.

      I'm looking forward to this new platform as I'm convinced it will add even more value to SCN.

      I do want to go do some speaking myself. My plan is to be me and go have fun. That's what I like a lot about Michelle, she always has fun and she is who she is, that's awesome.

      Kind regards


      • Hi Tom,

        I've been reading your blogs. Almost all of them are excellent blogs. I'm glad to know you're now planning to do speaking yourself. That is really a lot of fun. I hope to meet you in person sometime near future.

        I agree new platform seems a lot better (Like button - I like it). I don't like posting simple comments such as "great", excellent etc. So I believe I'm going to use that Like button a lot - specifically for your blogs.

        Best regards,

  • I would like to thanks for this really good news! In the last period, i'm closer to SDN community, and I had the opportunity to discover the real contribute of SDN to sap business all over the world.

    This is a great community, and a friendly world that give me the opportunity to meet and talk with different realities, people and business-approach.

    All of this, gave me the opportunity to make new friends and learn a new way of thinking.

    I would like to thanks specially the SCN Team and all Top Contributor, for make this real!

    Best Regards,

    Simone Pantaleoni

  • This improvement is impressive. I would like to see in the future a platform capable of record the career of SAP professionals with recommendations coming from real projects along the world. Congratulations.
  • Thanks to all of you for such kind and enthusiastic words, and for sharing your experiences. This is an amazing community and it's a pleasure and honor to be touching people's lives in real ways.  We appreciate your stories.

    Mark Yolton

  • Bala,Simone, Tom,
    Really good to hear what the community has meant to you and your approach to sharing. The reasons to be active now will multiply  - from blogging and forum posting now - to reasons including follwing, @mentioning, etc. It will feel allot more like the communities you have built on Facebook and Twitter. There will be a ton of discovery for you as you learn how to personalize this for you - best comment of all is HAVE FUN!
  • I echo Tom and Bala.  SCN / SDN is an amazing place.  A place where I like so many other people start by reading and consuming information!  Some people never get beyond that.  Some people even Thank you for the new changes!

  • Hey

    SO happy to hear about the improvements especially the like button. I have cribbed before on open question limit scn has. Ppl have told me it is to force users to respond and conclude. I thought that idea was a failure and not friendly. But if we have the like button on forum answers then it would go a long way in achieving that goal. If the author of the question doesnt thank I believe other users who like it can express the same. This way the validity of an answer or reply would be rated. Thanks and good thinking scn guys. Btw will I also get a mobile app? (android) I found it difficult to type this on my mobile browser

  • Hi Mark,

    Thanks for publishing this sneak preview and I see many of the SCN communities hassles with the current system capabilities addressed!

    Particularly the quality content based rating by the community is a big step forward. I like it and it will encourage folks to rate more and read rated content 😉

    Cheers and thanks again,

  • Thanks to all of you for such kind and enthusiastic words, and for sharing your experiences. This is an amazing community and it's a pleasure and honor to be touching people's lives in real ways. We appreciate your stories.

    Cheers and thanks again,
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  • Thank you all for your continued feedback and support on the topic of the "new and improved" SAP Community Network. 

    We just did ~25 in-depth user studies during SAP TechEd in Las Vegas last week, and numerous more informal sessions.  The feedback was very positive, but not without actionable improvements we will fit into the current planned release.  Other things will wait until 2012 continuous improvements. 

    We are so excited and anxious to share this with all of you!

    Mark Yolton