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Video Blog: BOEXI3.1 JMeter Logon/Logoff Process

Based on some feedback I received from past blog posts, I thought it would be helpful to demonstrate a simple logon/logoff sequence in Apache JMeter using SAP BusinessObjects Enterprise XI 3.1.  The learning curve with JMeter can be a bit steep at the outset, and this bite-size video should help ease the “getting to know you” period.


The intent of this video is to provide visual step by step instructions for creating a test plan that creates an Enterprise session via InfoView and cleans up the session properly with the necessary logout requests.  The result is less than a dozen HTTP requests that comprise a fully functional login/logout request.  It sounds simple, but this sequence is the first of several building blocks that can be used to create more complex performance tests and one that I re-use with nearly every plan I author.


I also demonstrate the core functions of the Regular Expression extractor, invaluable for extracting dynamic data from HTTP headers and response bodies, and introduce transaction controllers for organizing requests.


You can find details on customizing a test plan for distinct user threads and a complete walkthrough on creating a Web Intelligence based performance test here.


I hope you find this video helpful and happy test planning!






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  • Hi James,

    Are you going to create a video for the BI4 test? I know the basics are in this video, I'm just curious.

    I think that load testing is one of those "best practice" items that people keep on missing from their deployments. It really needs to be re-enforced. Videos like this help in showing how simple it is to start with these.



    • Hey Patrick,

      I'd love to create one for BI4 but I don't have a license of Camtasia studio anymore.  What you can refer to is the wiki I am now maintaining on performance testing.  Here is the same test, with additional commentary, for BI4:

      I am maintaining this as a central location for performance testing.  Look for a new blog from me next week where I talk about mixed BI client performance testing (Webi, Explorer, Analysis, etc.) and a methodology for getting tests up that doesn't take me 2 weeks apiece!

      • Hi James.

        This might not be as nice as Camtasia, but you can do recording with SAP JAM. You can then download the recording.

        Just log into Jam and select the Record Video option, then select to record your desktop. Resize the frame - I suggest going full screen instead of manually trying to get a "size" and just record.

        Even though the UI for the app is on your screen (with the pause, stop, etc buttons) that doesn't appear on your video.

        No additional license required.