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Credential Screens and Start Screens in SUP 2.0

I would like to share some difficulties in SUP 2.0 which I faced in my project, for fetching values from SAP ECC 6.0 using the Credentials screen values.
The following How To will explain the steps I did to achieve what I was intended. 

How To

First of all I will explain what the requirement was. I need to development a mobile workflow application, which will prompt the user to enter login credentials. Once the user completes the login credentials successfully, the application should fetch all the details from the backend based on the entered username.
For achieving user authentication in my application, I am using Credential Request of SUP 2.0 and since we are going to start the application from the mobile, a Start Screen should be used for displaying the values from the backend.
For fetching the records from a backend, I need to invoke an Object Query:
               SELECT x.* FROM <> x WHERE x.user =: username.                             
Since the first screen of the application is Credential Screen, we cannot invoke Object Query from this screen.
Note: Credential Screens are only used for storing Credential username and Credential Password.
But for me in order to fetch the records from the backend, I should invoke the above mentioned Object Query, with the Credential Username from the Credential Request Screen as the parameter. As a first step of this, I had created an MBO with above mentioned object query and with Cache policy Online. Since I am using Online Cache Policy, at least one load parameter should map to the Propagate to attribute. And deploy this MBO to the Unwired Server. Now comes the creation of Mobile workflow. Instead of creating the screens by our own let the wizard do it.


Now the workflow should appear like this.

 The Credential Screen contains two edit boxes, Username and Password; from this the client “knows” that these keys are to be used for SUP authentication because the input keys are assigned to be username/password.
This is done by means of setting the edit box’s advanced parameters as relevant for Credential Cache (username/password).The following screen will help to understand better these settings.


In the Start screen add one edit box, and create a key to this editbox manually.


Now here in this stage we need to set this edit box in such a way that it should be capable of getting the credential username. For achieving this select the Credential cache username checkbox for this edit box.


This will fetch the entered username from the stored credentials to the start screen edit box, and now we can very well invoke the Object Query to fetch the value from the backend with this edit box key in the Start screen.
On registering a device user and assigning this workflow to the device user, the application screen shots will be:


On entering the credentials on the credential screen and selecting the Submit button of type Submit Workflow, Here I just changed the edit box label in the Start screen from Login Username to Welcome Mr.


Then entered username from credential screen is automatically comes to the start screen. Now the user can very will select the menu item to which the object query is assigned and can retrieve the values from the backend with the entered username as parameter.
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  • Did you need to do anything to your Mobile Business Objects to support the authentication?  For instance some of the documentation mentions to set the "Runtime Data Source Credential and Connection Properties"?  Also just wanted to confirm the menu item on the screen was "Submit Workflow".  When I enter credentials it just defaults to a blank screen.  Thanks!
    • Hi Justin,
      My requirement was, based on the user who logged in, i need to show some of the details which assigned to him. I had used an RFC enabled function module in the backend for creating MBO which is having the user name as input parameter. That means, my MBO is having a Load Parameter named USERNAME. And my applications, Cache Policy is Online. So an Object Query got created for my MBO. On mapping the entered username from the login screen to the Object Queries Parameter, I can retrieve all the need data from the backend.

      Since I was using LDAP Authentication, there was no need of using Runtime Datasource Credential and Connec tion Properties.

      • Hello,

        Just wanted to say thanks for your response to my question.  Reviewing what you wrote and also the sybase documentation on - the answer was really quite simple.  I had forget to set the security domain on the MBO in the SCC; also needed to remember to reset the security domain each time I re-deploy the Mobile Business Object.  My only trouble now is the login takes a long time  but none-the-less it works.  Cheers!