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SAP Inside Track India – Lets make it happen!

I think many of us are familiar with the SAP Inside Track Event which is an un-conference event organized by SAP Community Members in different locations of the world to exchange and learn about new SAP technologies and solutions from each other in a day-long event.

Though we had one organized in Bangalore last year, but since then India hasn’t seen another SIT so far. So is it not time for having one in the coming months in India given the fact that there are so many enthusiastic community members and top contributors of SCN from this part of the world?

If you look into the SCN Community Events Wiki there are SIT events planned and happening in many cities across the world, and definitely it make sense to add one for India also. But to make this happen we need your support – this is an event organized by the community members and for the community members.

First we need to decide the location and time of the event where and when most of the participants can attend. If we get enough interest we can also think of organizing the event simultaneously or separately in two locations as well.

Once decided the location and time we’ll check on the venue and logistics support. In this regard we encourage interested companies to come forward and help as it will be a great opportunity to showcase your commitment and support for the SAP community.

It should be ideally a day-long event where some of us shall present on any exciting topic on and around SAP. It will be a great opportunity to meet the community members, top contributors and SAP Mentors in person and share and exchange ideas and learning to the community in-person.

We are now considering mainly three locations in India (Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata) for the event, as atleast one SAP Mentor is currently present in each of these cities and they can help and guide in organizing the events. But we definitely need community members like you to come forward and help in organizing the events with them.

So to start with I have created a small survey and I request the SCN community members from India to fill-up to specify your opinion and support. For any suggestions/comments please feel free to comment on this blog.

This will be an opportunity of great learning and should be an exciting and memorable event. Lets come together and make this happen!

SAP Inside Track India Survey Link

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