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Need a magician to connect JAVA to BW 7.30 after the installation … ?

You are a project manager or an IT accountable to plan SAP Business Warehouse upgrades? Then you had a hard job to estimate the time and effort for the lasts steps in the upgrade. That’s what your basis consultant probably told you: ‘The initial configuration of a BW system after the installation used to take several days. In the ABAP part updating customizing tables, preparing the BW system, activating the software component, etc. Once this was done the connectivity between BW-ABAP and BW-JAVA had to be set up which could be a true nightmare since it included so many manual steps that you could easily spent days with it, especially if was the first time. In the end you didn’t even know which step was relevant for which component and why it finally worked.’ So you ask yourself: * Why couldn’t SAP make this easier and more time efficient? Well, guess what: SAP did both. As a matter of fact, SAP provides two Wizards, one for BW ABAP and one for BW JAVA. * *

*Configuration wizard for BW ABAP *

performs steps like* *

  • Update customizing table RSADMINC
  • Define logical system for the BW client, assign logical system to the BW client
  • Set ALEREMOTE as the default setting for background users (table entry RSADMINA)
  • Etc.

Further details and prerequisites can be found on SAP’s help portal: (


*Configuration wizard for BI JAVA *

(formerly known as “*+template installer”+*) comes in a new look and feel with Netweaver 7.30 (actually many wizards are organised under this administration section) and we had the pleasure of using this tool extensively. 
Our systems were a NetWeaver 7.30 SP2 BW ABAP stack (which was just upgraded from NetWeaver 7.02) and a newly installed NetWeaver 7.30 SP2 JAVA stack including BW JAVA.



After the installation we performed the following steps as a preparation for the usage of the wizard:

  • Install SAPSECULIB on each of the BW system’s application servers.
  • Ensure that the BW system accepts Single-Sign-On tickets from other systems


Further details can be found under

[ |]


 After the preparations the configuration wizard can be started:


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  • Hi Ruediger Knaf and Matthias Wild,
    Thanks for putting together this blog. Being involved in a new BW 7.3 project, portal presented a new look and required sometime to figure out what's where.
    Simply put, your blog made the integration job simple.
    Keep it up.

    Best regards.