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Navigating Postalsoft Views

The popular Views job file editor was released a long time ago.  Many users find it helpful to create jobs for ACE, Presort, and other Postalsoft products.  This article focuses on some of the foundational features to help users to better navigate Views screens and create job files more efficiently.  Screens shown are from Presort Views, but the procedures apply to any of the Views products.    *Job Display*  Job settings are shown in a split window.  The left-hand “tree” shows all job blocks available for a job.  The icons by each part of the tree show if a job block is already set up (blue checkmark), is not yet set up (empty  box), etc.  The right-hand display shows each line of the job block and its current setting.  In the following example the Mail Sort Listing report is selected and the settings for the Mail Sort Listing are shown at the right.     *Getting to the Job Block Settings*  There are 2 ways to set values for any of the job file blocks.  The first is to double-click on the job block title in the left-hand tree of job blocks, in this case “Mail Sort Listing”.  This will show the following screen.  Some of the settings of the job block are on this screen and others are on secondary screens.  To reach them you have to press “Page Layout” or “Printer Setup” buttons.    If a job block is already set up and has a blue checkmark, then there is a second and speedier way to set values.  Instead of double-clicking on the left-side job block title, double-click on the exact parameter that you want to set in the right-hand job block display.  For instance, double-clicking on “Top Margin” will get you immediately to that setting even if it is more than 1 screen deep.       Here is what is displayed when Top Margin is double-clicked.  You are also positioned at the Top Margin setting, ready to make a change to that value.  
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