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Inconsistent behavior of SRM Portal for different users

While working on SRM portal, we got this strange issue of tab not going to text associated with the field in contract and PO creation screen in one user id and working fine for another user.Customer raised an internal message for this inconsistent behaviour of SRM portal for different logins.

We analyzed the issue and found the reason of this.Following steps will show you the actual issue and how to resolve this issue to make SRM portal beavious as consistent throughout for all user id’s.

1. When you click on create/display contract or create/display PO, and then after entering product details, press enter and then go to details tab ,here you can see multiple sub tabs like General data, conditions, account assignment , external details etc .


2. Here if you go on say in general data tab and there if you keep pressing tab on text boxes which contains product details ,if cursor is not going to text next to the fields then that means User Accessibility feature is not activated on the portal which simply means tooltip associated with that field in web dynpro component is not being called which in turn calls OTR text associated with that tooltip.See in below screenshot ,tab does not go to text -“Material Group 1” as User accessibility feature is not activated(See next screenshot).

3. So if you activate User Accessibility feature on the Personalize option on SRM portal main screen and then click User profile, here you just have to click checkbox of Activate Accessibility Feature and save it .Then try to create or display contract or PO again ,you’ll consistency in behavior of SRM now.Now if you’ll press tab on any input text field,it will go to text associated with it like “Material Group 1 in above example.

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