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Decision guide “SAP Web Technologies”

Taking decision which (SAP) Web Technology is best choice for your business process is getting harder and harder as there are so many UI technologies around.


This is a snapshot of the currently available technologies within the context of SAP which enables you to decide which technology matches best for your requirements! As this choice depends on several criterias we decided to sum up our results within the attached PDF presentation:  



By defining three major technical “process-types” these types can be used in order to break down the processes more detailed. Make sure customer collaboration is base for this process classification – involve your customers early, involve your customers frequenty – this results in a successfull UI technology choice covering your customer’s requirements! 

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  • BOBJ, MII, BSP, Crystal reports, BW/BI reports + more

    ABAP Webdynpro can be enhanced using floorplan manager.

    You didn't factor in the maintainability.  What kind of support group do you have?  What can they successfully support? There is an 80/20 rule where you may have to give up some of the functionality so that your staff can support it later.

    Portals with Iviews are available although they are not always "pretty" interfaces. They are quick to develop.  They are easy to maintain. When you are thinking master data changes that aren't done very often - table maintenance generation + an iview would work.

    Just some points I was thinking about this morning.

    It's an interesting decision guide.  I'm just not sure you covered everything.  I doubt any one "decision guide" could factor in all the different technologies, and different criteria for choosing a technology.  Speed of development ALWAYS matters in a project.  They usually wanted it done yesterday.

    Nice start,


    • Hi Michelle

      Thanks for your interesting comment!

      Firstly we considered dashboards as well but in our view dashboards aren't that kind
      of "applications" designed to be able to realize a full business process.
      And also portal-iViews are a quit good tool, but they're also not laid-out for extravagant and complicate processes. (Therefore also VC is missing..)

      You mention also BSP's; our opinion is that BSP is a little out-of-date, WebDynpro ABAP should be the technology used for web-development on the backend.

      The maintainability is also a big point - and in case you're taking a big involve of the customer-side, there are technologies who are directly cut out of your decisions-making process!
      We use this guide to provide a good introduction to talk about the different technologies withhin the customer.

      And of course our guide is just an "assistance" !

      Best regards

      • I will take any assistance I can get!  I am a customer.  For me it is important that we can support a project.

        I love the pros and cons listed.  They will help me as I try to present a reason to use something new and different.

        BSP - I use them when Web Dynpro is limiting what I can do.  My thought: BSPs will be out of date when Web Dynpro allows for more flexibility.  I'm not sure that will ever happen as ABAP Web Dynpro is meant to give everyone a way to develop that is SAPish.  Meaning that it would be hard to come up with a screen that looks like Amazon, Ebay or something easy to use like that.  It's getting close.  I'm just saying you could do it with Web Dynpro - maybe.  You can do it faster with BSP.  Right now.  You just don't have the type of controls that you have with BSP.

        Yes, agreed portals, Crystal reports, BI/BW is not meant to be a process.  They however may be used in a process - designed by the process.

        Tools it all comes down to what you can justify.  And what you need them to do.  That is why your guide will be helpful.

        It would be nice to be able to show some pros and cons of the different technologies. 

        Side note - isn't VC one of the things that is going away?  I haven't heard much about it lately.  MII would support an entire process.  It is made for the shop floor as a tool box.

        Thank you for the blog and the reply!  I could go round and round about this forever - so I will just think of your guide as another tool for me to use when presenting different solutions!

        Thank you,


      • "And also portal-iViews are a quit good tool, but they're also not laid-out for extravagant and complicate processes"

        IMO, saying that iViews don't serve for "extravagant and complicate processes" is just wrong.

        An iView points to an underlying application, which can be WDJ/A, BSP, BI, VC, .NET, etc and even a pure Java application that uses JSP, JSF, XHTML, jQuery, etc.

        After all, the complex part is done in ABAP, the iView shows the data (by JCO, JCA, Web Service).


  • Hi Marco,
    I think you were able to capture the major concept which is that you need to tailor the UI technology you use based on a *project* basis. I really like your division of the three use-cases and would highly recommend other customers (and partners!) take a look at this. I assume they will do their own math on the development costs, based on their competency, but in general I agree to most of the distinctions made.