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DAY 2/3 SAP Australian User Group Summit

Day 2/3 SAP Australian User Group Summit

The highlight of Day 2 was Ray Wang who presented on the “Future of Enterprise Systems”.  As a side note he used different analogies of peeing to describe the different social networking sites.  That has gone straight into my lectures.

Day 3 started with SAP Mentor Graham Robinson presenting oh how to stay relevant.  He used his love of climbing and Antarctica to provide examples.  I noticed the audience listening to every word he said and taking notes.  One key message; seek out energy creators in life and avoid energy suckers even if you are married to one.

SAP Mentor, Matt Harding, was involved in a panel session with Connie Long (Australand) and Jocelyn Dart (SAP) to discuss “Can you get values out of BPM and what does it mean anyway?”.  There were lots of questions from the audience and an interesting discussion.  I realised that there is a lot to consider and no silver bullet.  Tony de Thomasis (SAP Mentor) conducted a 3 hour workshop on the latest version of solution manager 7.1.  This was the first time anybody would have been able to interact with the new version.  There is a video at

Also Ingo Hilgerfort (SAP Mentor) conducted a 3 hour workshop on the latest BOBJ products.  Participants provided great feedback as you would expect.

The SAP Future Logistics Living Lab presented on their activities which included a demonstration of Halodeck.  Chris Hemstrom, Linfox, discussed the value of the Living lab to Linfox.  There was a lot of interest at the end of the presentation so I expect there will be more companies joining the initiative.  The SAP InnoJam top 3 teams presented their prototypes after lunch.  The stage was covered in technology including a HANA server.  Although there appeared to be a lot of mayhem all prototypes seemed to work.

The last keynote involved a panel of 4 SAP mentors (Paul Hawking, Tony de Thomasis, Nigel James and Graham Robinson) facilitated by the leading analyst Ray Wang.  It was all about the key takeaways from the event.  Tony was applauded mid-session after he provided a checklist for companies of what to do in preparation for HANA.

The Summit was a great event and nobody could say they did not learn anything.

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  • Hi Paul,
    Nice wrap-up.  I do wish I were there - for so many reasons, not the least is the BPM panel - I don't know Connie Long *yet* but with Matt Harding and Jocelyn Dart, I am sure it was great.


  • Nice summary.  Did you have fun meeting anyone?  I know that's one of the highlights of my experiences.  Meeting someone interesting is always fun.  Last year I met a lot of interesting people.

    • Hi Michelle,

      I think the attendance at the Australian User Group Summit this year was around 650+.  My understanding is that it is the largest SAP-related gathering of it's kind in our part of the world.  I was only able to attend on the first day (to give a presentation), but it seemed like a great event.


      • Hi John,

        650+ is still impressive.  I've been to smaller conferences (Summits).  At one point I went to a "testing" conference.  To learn about different techniques.  There were only around 200 people there.   It made it easier to meet and interact with the people who made it there.

        650 - I wouldn't consider that small.  I bet your breakout sessions had a lot of people there.

        I'm sorry you didn't really get to enjoy the Summit.   Only one day is never enough.  Any blogs coming out about your presentation?  Curious minds what to know.  And if there is already one out there that I missed, please post the link!  Sometimes I miss some interesting blogs.

        Glad to hear about the attendance.  Our SIT - SAP Inside Track - had about 65 people.  Now that is small.  (We had a limit of 100)


        • Hi Michelle,
          I'm still considering what my next blog will be. Many options. Not sure if I will blog about my presentation (on mobility) in the form I delivered it, but some of the individual concepts would be worth blogging about.  Also if you will be at TechEd LV I can show you the original presentation in it's original form on my iPad.