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Dear aBI: Live Office Security for Universe Queries

By now you should all be familiar with the idea behind Dear aBI. I will not continue to suffer fools by highlighting how it works or where you can find past entries. OK, I might. What can I say, I’m a sucker for suffering fools.


Today’s question comes from “Insecure” in Minnesota.

I’m trying to roll Live Office out to our company, but I’m having a security issue. Specifically, when a non-administrator user tries to create a Universe Query connection, it won’t show them any universes. In the forums, people have said to put them in the Universe Designer Users Group, but this gives them access to all of the Universes, which I can’t have.


This question is of particular interest to me because I’m also trying to get Live Office accepted at work, so soon enough I’ll have to figure this out. That makes answering it here a win (for Insecure), win (for me), win (for you)?

My first option when this sort of thing comes up is to hit the forums. I came across all of the same threads as Insecure did, some of which were moderatly helpful in terms of framing the problem but couldn’t find much, generally speaking, that got me going.

So then I came across the SAP Knowledge Base Article 1325262 which includes the following bit…


  1. Provide ‘View’ rights to the user on the universes folder.

  2. Provide ‘View on Demand’ rights to the user on the sub folder.

  3. The universes from the sub folder will now be visible from the Live Office’s ‘New Query’ section.

Anyone else who has stumbled across this has said “they can create queries against the Universe in Infoview, so obviously they have those rights.” This is not necessarily true. You actually need to give those rights to the tippy-toppest level of the folder that holds the universes. Not the Universe. Not the folder that the reports that point at the universe live in. The actual folder in the CMS (cleverly called “Universes” by default) where the Universes exist. Pretty bizarre. Not exactly sure why Webi doesn’t require that, but I can tell you that in our environment, it didn’t.

More Information

For more information on how to install Live Office, check out Caboodle – Part 7 – BOBJ4 Live Office Install, and to get some more info on detailed Live Office security, I recommend Josh Fletcher’s video walkthrough.

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