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People, Process & Technology

People, Process & Technology


What come first – People… Process…  Technology…


People use technology to enable business process.  The critical element here is people. You Organization or project success depends on skilled and experienced people, well defined processes using best technology.


Based on my experience, People come first, then Process and at the end is technology. We enable process using technology not the other way round. If technology can dictate process, then every organization will have similar processes and you may be able to procure process similar to technology.


Given People and technology constant, competitive advantage is gained by firms with efficient and effective process.


Without right people, even best process and cutting edge technology will be ineffective.



People –


Skilled and experienced team members help organizations with

  • Creative Solutions
  • Continuous improvement
  • Intuition
  • Tacit knowledge
  • Vision on what is possible
  • Innovation
  • See the Big picture
  • Conceptual understanding
  • Knowledge sharing




Process –


A business process is a set of logically grouped business activities that combine to deliver value.

Process main goal should be to ensure that they aim at

  • Doing the right things – Optimize
  • Doing things Efficiency
  • Doing things Effectiveness
  • Meets user/customer needs
  • Supports and sustains organizational development and growth




Even the best individuals or teams putting the best efforts cannot overcome a flawed process. A well-designed process will improve efficiency and deliver greater productivity



Technology –


We all work on SAP one of the best ERP software’s and I do not need to elaborate. Technology helps

  • Make processes easier to execute
  • Facilitates timely information availability
  • Smooth flow of information
  • User friendly user experience
  • Automation of manual tasks
  • Reporting & Dashboard capability
  • Analytics for decision making
  • Integration between various systems
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    • Thanks Michelle.

      As you correctly pointed out…. One team member cannot have all the traits. I listed some of the traits that differentiate an excellent team from average team. Each one of the team members brings something different to the table and it is the sum of all the skills of all the team members that make a team from Good to Great.

      As for Process … we need Process experts from Business or Functional with Domain expertise to logically group business activities that combine to deliver value. A typical SAP implementation will have a team of process/business analysts (SMEs, domain knowledge experts), a team of functional/technical analysts, a team from Project Management/Change management etc. In this case the Business Analyst will from their domain area will be responsible to get the “as-is” and “to-be” process flow.

      As for technology … SAP brings in all these benefits. In some instance some organization may go with multiple applications like SAP, SFDC, and Custom Portals etc to enable company specific business process.

      As always thank you for taking time in providing your perspective and an excellent feedback.

      Best Regards,