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New FastCompany Case Story about SAP Community Network: 9 Ways To Measure The (Actual) Success Of Your Social-Media Community

Hi all, 

I wanted to make everyone aware of a new case story just published today by FastCompany that focuses on SAP Community Network.  It’s a great article and exciting for SCN to get this recognition in a high-profile magazine like FastCompany. 

Thanks to you, our SCN community members for being so passionate and engaged in the community and for the way you all contribute selflessly to help each other be successful.  That’s what has make this a great community worth talking about! 



9 Ways To Measure The (Actual) Success Of Your Social-Media Community


SAP has quietly built a B2B social media juggernaut that puts most Facebook and LinkedIn groups (whether B2B or B2C) to shame on just about any measure. 

In the hype that is social media marketing, it is often hard to distinguish between the braggadocio and the brilliant. Communities are launched with great fanfare only to slink away quietly into the burial ground of false promise. So to stumble across a vibrant community— one that predates Facebook and supports a B2B brand— is not just surprising, it is downright awe-inspiring. 

Thanks to the support of an enlightened board member in 2003, the SAP Community Network (SCN) was able to overcome internal naysayers, and gradually grow into a 2.5 million-member social business juggernaut. Now heading community operations, Chip Rodgers, who I interviewed in advance of his presentation at the B2B Corporate Social Media Summit, the SCN sets a high standard, revealing these 9 ways to know your community is truly awesome. 

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  • More buzz around SCN.  Also positive.  Very positive.  I love it!

    Great blogs.  I bounced up to the (down to) the lowest level of the blog.  There is really a lot of good comments.

    Nice to hear about SCN - my home away from home...  Not really - but I do spend a lot of time here when I can.